KREUL Tipp Sommer Basteln mit Kindern

The summer is hot – we're making ice cream

08/06/2019 |

Our kiosk is open: fresh ice cream with cream, mint, strawberries or maybe banana? Here you will find the wildest combinations with a lot of glitter and fuss. Because our ice cream is not for licking but for playing! Made with love, it inspires children's imagination. Would you like some waffle-cones and popsicles? Then to the recycling bins. Our desserts are from biscuit packages, yoghurt cups, ice cream sticks and egg crates. With the MUCKI Hobby Paint and the MUCKI Glitzy, one can make glittering creations from them that will make the small eyes big.

We start from a popsicle. For that we need to cut out two equal ice cream templates from a biscuit package and paint the white inner side with squeaking bright hobby paints. Once the paint is dry, the edges of the two popsicles can be glued together. And now the fun part starts - because the MUCKI Glitzy comes in to be used and top up the feast for the eyes with glittering silver, gleaming gold and gleaming white.

Simply wonderful for melting! That's what little artists from 4 years think who can't get enough of the decoration patisserie. The white special-effect paint from the MUCKI Glitzy is like a cherry on the cake on the bright yoghurt cups. It's wonderful how dots, pulling or pressing with different duration create new decoration in the style of a confectioner again and again. Once everything is dry, a cut-out partition wall top from egg crate is glued over it. The ice cream scoop in the waffle is ready! 

The wonderfully bright ice cream gems are totally to our liking. They don't melt and in addition to this, decorating it trains fine motor skills. The MUCKI Glitzy were developed in such a way that they fit well in the hands of children, can be dosed easily and inspire for more and more ideas. The water-based ingredients don't smell and are environmentally compatible.

Finally, one can not only make a mess from the heart's desire but also spot. If, however, something gets on the clothes, the paint can be easily removed from textile. Fingers in paint will be clean again with lukewarm water and soap. This is great for a relaxed atmosphere at the hobby table! So, ice cream crafting will remain a huge summer holiday fun. In two senses because from now on: eat more chocolate biscuits and 'real' ice cream on sticks because the kids need the wooden sticks and carton packages for crafting!

  • MUCKI Glitzy Gleaming white 29 ml, Art-Nr. 24314
  • MUCKI Glitzy Glittering silver 29 ml, Art-Nr. 24312
  • MUCKI Glitzy Glittering gold 29 ml, Art-Nr. 24313
  • MUCKI Glitzy Gleaming silver 29 ml, Art-Nr. 24316
  • MUCKI Glitzy Gleaming gold 29 ml, Art-Nr. 24317
  • MUCKI Children glue 80 ml, Art-Nr. 24382
  • MUCKI Hobby paints 6-piece set, Art-Nr. 24160