XXL blackboard for chalk art and mini cars

09/12/2019 |

Bored of rainy weather? It will end. We will show you how mom can make a playing area out of wooden plates, special lacquer and chalky markers: a world that children like and that is an eye-catcher in the combined kitchen and living room. From now on, racing cars can whiz, trains stop, trucks park and pictures get hung in the roadmap. Because the game board is magnetic, and it serves as an exhibition space for paper artwork.

  • KREUL Magnetic primer, Art-Nr. 76155
  • KREUL Blackboard paint, Art-Nr. 79422
  • KREUL Chalky Marker medium Snow White, Art-Nr. 22711
  • KREUL Chalky Marker medium Rosemary Green, Art-Nr. 22716

After drying out, the transparent blackboard paint is applied onto the plate. A perfect finish that smoothes out the plate and serves for the purpose that the chalky markers can be always wiped off the playing board. There is no place for streets and parking lots on the kitchen floor? No problem because the playing board makes fun on the wall as well. Finally, one can scribble here without mom grumbling.

Fantasy worlds are not only black-and-white, are they? Right. Colourful chalky markers look also great on the blackboard. The big plate offers a lot of space for green trees and colourful flowers. So, every day new artwork made of chalk appears that keeps kids busy. Goodbye, boredom, we will simply cover you with a chalky marker away!

Today a roadmap, tomorrow a fairy-tale forest? The self-made blackboard for children offers so much free space for ideas. Mom starts with a motorway. What comes next? Soon the offspring adds railway tracks. Now trains can go here, loads can be transhipped onto trucks and traffic jams can appear because of magnetic cars.