Kinderhände malen mit Stift einen Farbkreis

Here come our MUCKI Play Me Paintboxes

03/15/2023 |

A 4th birthday coming up? That’s something to celebrate! And the best way to do that is with a gift burst with excitement, fun play and colour. And what’s more: meaningful presents for children aged from four years old encourage them to learn.

A perfect job for paint! Whether preschoolers or children aged from 4 years old, kids can use paint to explore all sorts of things. To help them do this, we have worked together with educators to develop the MUCKI Play Me Paintboxes. With these painting sets, parents can gift their children a shared painting experience to give them new knowledge.


These complete sets are available on different themes. Developed with an age-appropriate approach, they all foster concentration, inspire creativity and train fine motor skills. With children’s paints in reliable MUCKI quality and illustrated step-by-step instructions that Mummy or Daddy can read out to the eager young artists.


Let’s get started painting, playing and learning together. It’s not easy to choose a painting set. So that’s why we're presenting all the MUCKI Play Me Paintboxes here.


MUCKI Play Me Paintbox – We magically create colours with water and pens

Mixing colours can be magical. When MUCKI Paper Pixie watercolour pens meet water, amazing things happen, wowing the watching kids. As if by magic, new colours appear. Water turns intense colours into dreamy pastels or creates completely new variations. Using the primary colours of blue, red and yellow, the budding paint experts can conjure a rainbow, a hot-air balloon, a colour circle and much more. Understanding colour theory? Children aged from four years can do that standing on their head – or, to put it another way, in play! You can find out more about the MUCKI Play Me Paintbox – We magically create colours with water and pens here.

MUCKI Play Me Paintbox – We’re counting with colours and fingers

The world is full of numbers – even 4-year-olds have long figured that out. What numbers come after each other is already child’s play for them. But what's behind the numbers? Does more always mean longer? Little experts can solve these and other tricky problems with paint and their fingers. In the MUCKI Play Me Paintbox – We’re counting with colours and fingers, the kids mix and dab paints, learning just what numbers can do at the same time. With MUCKI finger paints, they can easily see how Carrot Charlie's carrots grow in length and what dots Ladybird Lenny has to add together. The painting fun presents kindergarten kids and preschoolers with their first sums, giving them a great way to explore numbers. We tell you more about this Play Me Paintbox here.

MUCKI Play Me Paintbox – We’re painting spines, fur and scales

Painting animals is simply fascinating for 4-year-olds! And with this set, besides the paint, they get to use painting tools. They use the sponge stippler to paint fish scales and a wooden stick to create hedgehog spines. That's so much fun and the animal motifs are incredibly cute. And while they are painting, the budding artists are also training their fine motor skills. Which tool is best for painting fur? Children and their parents can find that out and much more with the MUCKI Play Me Paintbox  - We’re painting spines, fur and scales. We have put together more information on this complete set here.


MUCKI Play Me Paintbox – We’re painting with our hands and fingers

Hands up – here comes the paint! Kids can use their hands, fingers and MUCKI finger paints to create cute and funny animals in a flash. Our illustrated step-by-step instructions show you how. Simply paint their hands with paint, press them onto paper, let the handprints dry and then decorate them with wiggle eyes. And soon you’ll be smiling at an adorable elk or a cheeky elephant. Some of the colours to match the animals have to be mixed first. So 4-year-olds soon learn that brown is made from a mix of red and green. Kids will love exploring this effect with MUCKI finger paints. We present the MUCKI Play Me Paintbox – We’re painting with our hands and fingers in more detail here.

MUCKI Play Me Paintbox – We’re mixing, painting, dabbing

What animal’s fur is a mix of red and yellow? And what colours do you need to mix green for a frog? Little paint experts can discover this with the MUCKI Play Me Paintbox  We’re mixing, painting, dabbing. Mixing colours is just so exciting for children aged from 4 years old. After all, they can use their fingers to mix so many different shades from the basic colours of white, yellow, red, blue and black. Perfect for dabbing and spreading paints on the animal motif cards. Not only do the kids create cute and funny animal pictures, they train their fine motor skills with their controlled hand and finger movements. You can find more information on the MUCKI Play Me Paintbox – We’re mixing, painting, dabbing here.