Malen mit 48er SOLO GOYA Acrylic Set Anfängerset

The right colour always at hand

05/11/2023 |

When you start learning something new, then you start off slowly. Just the basics. But we really want to start right in the middle. After all, in acrylic painting, even when we are just starting out, we are fizzing with lots of ideas. So besides your desire to do something new, all you need is a wide array of colours. You’ll find this in our new set of 48 SOLO GOYA Acrylic paints in 20-ml tubes. We have packed it full with basic colours, intermediate colours, effect colours and neon colours. With this kit, you can create expressive artwork, but under completely new conditions.


Our set of artists' paints is available from June 2023. But we are presenting them now so that artists can already make a mental note for their wish list. Excited anticipation is, after all, something wonderful and inspired!



Set of 48 SOLO GOYA Acrylics: extra-wide selection of colours

The new set of acrylic paints contains almost all colours in our SOLO GOYA Acrylic line. Namely 48 high-pigmented shades in studio quality. So you don’t need to think long and hard about what colours you'll need to get started in acrylic painting. The set of 48 20-ml tubes of SOLO GOYA Acrylics includes colours for colour gradations, transitions and effects. Everything mixed ready to use, so you no longer have to mix your own intermediate shades, unless you want to, of course.

Today, an abstract work with stylish nuances in blue and rose hues, tomorrow, it may be yellow citrus fruits, the day after tomorrow, a landscape in shades of green. Our set with lots of different colour choices makes everything possible. Just untwist the caps on the tubes and try out different motifs on a painting pad!


Small and handy size with brilliant colours: our mini-tubes

48 paint tubes in one set? Oh yes, and every colour in a practical mini-format containing 20 ml. This tube size is ideal for everyone who wants to try out acrylic painting and have lots of colours on hand and ready to use.

But the new set of 48 tubes of SOLO GOYA Acrylic isn't just for beginners. The extensive colour selection is also perfect for advanced painters who want stock up their palette with effect colours and additional colour shades.

And what colours does it actually contain? These colours are included in set of 48 acrylic paints: 48 tubes à 20 ml in
White, Ivory, Citron, Genuine Yellow Light, Cadmium Yellow, Indian Yellow, Pastel Rose, Rosé, Terracotta, Apricot, Gen. Deep Orange, Vermilion, Genuine Red, Carmine Red, Magenta, Wine Red, Violet, Pale Blue, Primary Blue, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Turquoise Blue light, Turquoise, Pale Green, Yellowish Green, Permanent Green, Dark Green, Foliage Green, Green Earth, Beige, Light Yellow Ocher, Gold Ocher, Burnt Sienna reddish, Dark Oxide Brown, Dark Brown, Neutral Gray, Black, Silver, Gold, Copper, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Pink, Mother-of-Pearl-White Effect, Amber Effect, Ruby Red Effect, Sapphire Blue Effect, Anthracite Effect.


SOLO GOYA Acrylic Quality Made in Germany

The paints in our mini-tubes are just like our SOLO GOYA Acrylic paints in larger tubes. The paints dry quickly and evenly to a matt finish. They come in a creamy consistency, making them ideal for painting with a paintbrush. Larger areas, lines and details are easy to paint with the more liquid quality.

If you want to use transparent effects, you can thin the paint with some water. All colours can be mixed with each other – wow! So more colours are available if you need them. So whip out your paintbrushes and get painting on surfaces like canvas, paper, card, wood, stone or more. Good to know: like the larger tubes of SOLO GOYA Acrylic series, our 20-ml tubes of paint are made and filled at our plant in Hallerndorf. Quality Made in Germany!