KREUL Wohnen Textil färben Batik grün Kissen Wohnzimmer

Fresh spring look in Fresh Green

03/16/2022 |

The sun’s rays are getting warmer. Here and there, we spy flashes of green. Spring wakens us with a kiss, and revitalizes us with its joyful colours, inspiring us to give our homes a burst of energy – with KREUL Batik Textile Dye in Fresh Green. Let’s get started designing cushions in the fashionable tie-dye style! This hippie look makes you think of sun, sandy beaches and an easy-going lifestyle, after all, batik dyeing is totally easy. You can easily create artful patterns with a surprise effect. Perfect for bringing a breath of fresh air into your home with tie-dyed cushion covers or for making an eye-catching accessory for your balcony lounger. We show how quick you can create such stunning designs.


Surprising mix of patterns for your living room

The fantastic thing about tie-dyeing with KREUL Batik textile dye is that every piece of dyed fabric is a one-of-a-kind creation. First, meditative stirring of the dye in hot water and later the surprise at seeing what pattern reveals itself. What fun! We are batik-dyeing cushion covers made of cotton, but KREUL Batik Textile Dye is also suitable for dyeing silk, viscose, linen, half-linen, wool and polyamide. Lots of possibilities for adding colourful highlights to your living room. We have chosen the spring-like Fresh Green textile dye. This green shade is beautifully bright and cheerful, making you think of budding fresh green leaves. Just right for the start of spring.

Prepared and dyed the quick and easy way

KREUL Batik Textile Dye contains a premixed dye granulate. You only have to dissolve it in hot water. To do this, heat around 1.5 litres of water to 90°C and add the dye powder. For batik-dyeing, the dye bath has to be at a high temperature to quickly achieve intensive colour. Everything ready and prepared? Then we can get started designing the patterns.


So leicht geht Batiken und Fixieren

For the unique tie-dye style, we have chosen the Shibori technique. This comes from the Japanese word for “wringing out” and describes dyeing with a tie-dye technique. Fold the white cushion covers into little parcels and tie these with parcel string. Here and there, tie some of the corners, too. Then, place the fabric in the prepared dye bath. Where the fabric is tied with the string, it cannot absorb any dye – this is how the characteristic white lines are formed in the intense colour. The green dye quickly seeps into the fabric . Does everything look green yet? Then rinse out the fabric until the rinsing water runs clear. So that the cushion covers don’t become discoloured, place them in a bath of clear water and Fixing Agent for Batik Textile Dyes for 15 minutes. We explain all you need to know in this article. The fixing agent improves washability, but it's best if you always wash the dyed cushion covers separately. After you have fixed the dye, untie the strings and dry the fabrics in the fresh spring breeze on a washing line. Awesome!