KREUL Farbe made in Germany hergestellt in Deutschland

Made in Germany: paints fair and safe from Germany

03/24/2022 |

KREUL paints are a brand product from Germany. In Hallerndorf in Upper Franconia, they are developed, produced, filled into containers and continuously checked. Even if "Made in Germany" can only been seen in small print on the paint bottles, there is something is very big behind it. In a time in which global connections are seen as commonplace and low costs are a key factor, we have decided to make a pledge. We make products in a high, reliable quality. That can only work where we have maximum control and can depend on excellent know-how. That is, in Germany, where KREUL was founded over 180 years ago. Every day we do our very best to produce our paint to a high quality in a safe and fair process. Our Made in Germany icon makes this visible on our packaging. In this post, we explain the standards and conditions behind this.




Highest quality and safety standards

Our paint is subject to statutory requirements in Germany. We meet these and, in some cases, we even exceed them. We check the quality of our product formulations continuously in our own in-house laboratory. KREUL children’s paints comply with the specifications of the currently valid European Toy Safety Directive and have also been dermatologically tested. Staying safe while being creative is important to us. Our paints should always have uniform, dependable quality. We can ensure this by complying with the DIN ES ISO 9001 quality standard. This stipulates that all processes within our company have to be defined and explicitly described. The responsibilities are defined, execution of the processes is monitored, with risks and opportunities being systematically identified. Every year, in an annual system audit, an independent institute checks whether we meet the required standards. Moreover, we, ourselves, think carefully about how we can change our processes and procedures to better meet our customers‘ expectations.

Environmentally friendly with mitigated impact

Paint is a chemical product. But it is possible to mitigate the impact on the environment. KREUL has been awarded DIN EN ISO 14001 certification. In compliance with this environmental management standard, we meet our statutory obligations wherever the environment might be impacted. For example, we run our own water treatment system. We collect any water polluted with paint waste separately and send it for chemical clarification. Impurities are dissolved. The sewage sludge produced is separated from water on a filter press and then disposed of appropriately. In this way, we reduce the load on the local sewage plant and make an important contribution to waste water management.


Wood products from sustainable forests

In our assortment, we also include accessories such as paintbrushes and painiting surfaces. These products contain wood. We make sure that this comes from sustainable forests. This is guaranteed and visible for everyone with the FSC® mark on relevant products.

Fair working conditions

We are an owner-managed family business. At our plant, around 100 people are permanently employed. Many of them have been with us for decades. Consequently, close ties are formed with the company and technical know-how is amassed, on which we can depend. There are benefits to being part of the KREUL family. We attach great value to creating a pleasant atmosphere for working together and make sure that work safety is maintained. With further training measures, our employees increase their flair for and knowledge of paint. Where possible, we support the compatibility of family and work life, offering flexible working hour models like home-office working. The quota of women at KREUL reaches 59 %, and more than a third of our employees work part-time. Whether in production, field sales or administration, our work is fairly rewarded, our salaries are regulated or guided by collective agreement.

Close to nature and responsible

KREUL is tied closely to its Hallerndorf location. Our plant stands on a greenfield site, bordering some woods. It is important to preserve these idyllic surroundings. That is why, many years ago now, we set up a wet biotope. In the meantime many species of birds and butterflies have found their home there. Made in Germany means taking on responsibility: for quality, for the environment and the region.