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Five questions about the KREUL Puffy Paint & Outliner Pen

03/14/2022 |

Decorative embellishments are always eye-catching, but with the KREUL Puffy Paint and Outliner Pen, you can make them spectacular. The paint creates three-dimensional effects on decorative items and accessories. In the heat of a domestic oven, the paint puffs up gloriously. With a few tricks, that can be done in a flash. Here, we answer the five questions we are most frequently asked about the KREUL Puffy Paint & Outliner Pen.


What can you decorate with the KREUL Puffy Paint & Outliner Pen?

The 3D effect of the KREUL Puffy Paint & Outliner Pen makes decorations beautiful to the touch. We have made the paint for wonderful embellishment of table decorations, invitation cards, gift tags or textiles. There are lots of possibilities as the effect paint is suitable for use on paper, wood, ceramics, stone, metal, glass or textiles (cotton and blended fabrics with a maximum of 20% synthetic fibres, without finishing agent and softener). Especially popular are painted felt tags. But you can also use the paint to make practical things like stopper socks.

What do you have to remember when you are applying the paint?

The effect paint has a stable consistency, so it keeps its shape on its own when you apply it. To get an even 3D effect with the KREUL Puffy Paint & Outliner Pen, don’t shake the pen before using it. Otherwise air bubbles may form in the paint. With the handy pen, you can apply the paint straight onto objects. For larger areas or stencilling, use a palette knife, squeegee or paintbrush.

How do you get very fine lines?

With the pointed tip of the KREUL Puffy Paint & Outliner Pen, you can easily apply dots or lines. You can get very filigree flourishes and lettering with the KREUL fine metal tip. You can buy this separately and simply screw it onto the pen.

How do the embellishments puff up?

A smooth 3D effect already looks great. But you get really cool effects when the embellishments puff up. The super puffy effect of the KREUL Puffy Paint & Outliner Pen works best in a domestic oven. Preheat the oven to 150°C on a top and bottom heat setting. Once the temperature has been reached, place your already dried artwork on the baking tray. The paint puffs up quickly – after around 3 minutes, the painted decorations are voluminous and velvety. You can also get the puffy effect with an iron (iron on the reverse side, on a soft surface, at a cotton temperature setting for around 1 min) or with a hairdryer (1 800 W, for approx. 7 min.). It is quite spectacular to watch the paint puff up through the glass of the oven door.

Can you wash textiles with puffy embellishments?

T-shirts, jeans, fabric bags or place mats: it's great all the things you can decorate with the KREUL Puffy Paint & Outliner Pen. Puffing up the paint with heat fixes it on to fabrics, so you can wash them inside out at 40°C. The KREUL Puffy Paint & Outliner Pen is suitable only for decorative purposes and is not foodsafe on tableware. Don't clean decorative embellishments in a dishwasher as the paint may be washed off the smooth surface. It is better to use a damp cloth to remove any dust or marks.