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Stylish styles for fabrics

02/08/2022 |

We can’t get enough of plain fabric bags! Why? Because they are a fantastic alternative to plastic bags and because they are so easy to style any way you want. With KREUL Javana Silk Paint, you can paint trendy designs on cosmetic bags and more. And it works on lots of light-coloured fabrics, not just silk. Perfect for creating an everyday companion sure to attract admiring looks. Fancy a trendy accessory you can’t buy in the shops? Then read on: We’ll be spraying, staining and bleaching fabric – in the en vogue colour violet. A must-do for fashionistas!


Intense colour in liquid form: Perfect for lots of techniques

The stand-out feature of KREUL Javana Silk Paints is their brilliant and highly pigmented colours. The paints radiate in a wide spectrum of intense colour shades. Today, we have chosen violet as this colour creates an extravagant, bold and even mystical look. Great for making boring plain fabric bags into favourite accessories. But if you’re thinking silk paints are just for silk, then you’d be wrong. The paints are suitable for light-coloured fabrics made of cotton, viscose, linen and blended fabrics with max. 20 % synthetic fibre content. Perfect for shopping bags and make-up bags, etc. KREUL Javana Silk Paint has a liquid consistency, allowing it to instantly penetrate deep into the fibres of the fabric. For this reason, we recommend putting baking paper between fabrics so that the paint doesn’t seep through onto a fabric or surface underneath.

Sprayed designs in seconds: KREUL Javana Silk Paint

We’re starting with spray colour effects to decorate our light-coloured cotton bag with a light and breezy design. To do this, we fill the KREUL Javana Silk Paint into an empty pump spray bottle and spray the paint onto the fabric in relaxed, fluid movements. If you want to add a cool message or motif, then, before you start spraying, transfer your design with the KREUL Transfer Marker. We’ll show you how easy it is to use here.

One-off bleached designs with intense colour

It isn’t really hard to add colour to your fabrics. But what about bleaching them? That’s just as easy with KREUL Javana Silk Paint, for effects that will really wow creatives. In an easy-to-do natural process, light-coloured designs with crisp contours appear in the middle of intense colour. We place dry grasses and pressed flowers in the wet paint and press them gently against the fabric. Then we leave them in the sun for 20 minutes. On a cloudy day, you can use a heat lamp. Then simply remove the flowers and grasses from the fabric and prepare to be amazed at their unique, bleached imprints against the intense colour background.

Painting romantic watercolour washes

Of course, you can also use KREUL Javana Silk Paint to paint pretty designs on fabric with a paintbrush. As the paint is very fluid, it is best to work with a fine brush. Just like watercolours, the paint begins to flow – fantastic for dreamy designs with slightly blurry contours. Just as beautiful effects are obtained by applying several colour washes, with the individual layers silhouetted against each other. And do the designs stay just as beautiful? Well, that’s a yes! After the colours have been fixed, they are lightfast and washable (washed inside-out). Just iron over the motifs for five minutes on a cotton setting. Stylish cosmetic bags and shopping bags will make your heart skip a beat!