KREUL Magic Marble Marmorier Farbe FAQ

Five questions about KREUL Magic Marble marbling paint

02/08/2022 |

Eye-catching on festive occasions, but pretty cool for every day, too: marbled projects with KREUL Magic Marble marbling paint. The unique patterns are created when you dip items in water and paint. And the best thing: the paint patterns stick to lots of different surfaces. Dreamily beautiful deco ideas and paper art with a certain something. To make sure marbling with the paint goes smoothly, here we answer the five questions that we are most frequently asked about KREUL Magic Marble marbling paint.


What's important when preparing to use KREUL Magic Marble marbling paint?

First, you need to prepare your work space: protect your table with a cover, fetch a bucket of water at the right temperature and air the room. If you don’t have a bucket, line a pot with a plastic bag. If the air in the room is too warm, the paints dry faster, and if the water is too hot, the paints can form a film too quickly. The optimum conditions are a water temperature of 14 °C and a freshly aired room. KREUL Magic Marble marbling paint is solvent-based and has an inherent odour. If you find this too unpleasant, do your marbling with the window open so that the odour can dissipate quickly.

How do you get the best results on marbling projects?

As the pigments can settle in the glass, shake the bottles of paint vigorously before opening them. For the marbled patterns, you need at least two different colours. For each colour, drip  droplets of paint onto the surface of the water from as close as possible to the surface. If you hold the bottle too far away, the droplets sink to the bottom of the bucket. But for marbling, the paint has to float on the surface of the water. Adding the droplets of paint is very easy if you keep the four small holes in the cap free of any paint and remove any dried paint with a needle. To get typical marble patterns, use a wooden stick to create streaks and swirls in the paint film. Then slowly dip the item you want to decorate into the bucket until it is coated in the paint. Now, blow any remaining paint on the surface to the side and quickly pull the item out of the water..

Is KREUL Magic Marble marbling paint suitable for candles?

The intense-colour, opaque paint is suitable for lots of items made of wood, plastic, paper, metal, stoneware, terracotta, glass and polystyrene. You can even marble candles with KREUL Magic Marble. We recommend, however, that you leave the marble patterns to dry for 24 hours before the candles are lit. You can marble ceramic candle holders in matching colours. A great idea, but the marbled ceramics are not suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher. So it’s better to use marbled items for decorative purposes only. If you want to protect marbled surfaces against scratches, once they have dried, spray KREUL Acrylic Gloss Varnish or KREUL Zapon Varnish on top.

Can you marble with nail varnish?

In blogs and social media, you might read about marbling with nail varnish. Although this may look simple in the posts, it's not that easy to do yourself. Because of its thicker consistency, nail varnish can quickly form clumps on the water surface or air bubbles, which can later be seen on any marbled items. KREUL Magic Marble marbling paint has a thin liquid consistency for an even and smooth marbled pattern.

Is KREUL Magic Marble marbling paint suitable for crafting with children?

Children love bright colours and patterns. So it’s no surprise that they love the marbled patterns. But slowly dipping the items into the bucket and taking them out again really fast requires dexterity. Children aged from 6 years are more adept at this and more patient than younger children. As the paint is solvent-based and cannot be washed out of fabrics, even older children should be supervised when marbling with KREUL Magic Marble paint.