KREUL Transfer Marker Wedding Einladung selbst basteln

Wedding stationery: stylish with the KREUL Transfer Marker

02/18/2020 |

A lovingly breathed 'yes', a tender kiss - at a wedding, romance shows its most beautiful side. It is simply wonderful when the ecstasy of emotions is already beautifully presented on paper and creates a harmonious picture. Whether on invitation cards, save-the-date announcements or small surprise gifts for the guests: wedding stationery arouses anticipation for the most beautiful event of the year. With the KREUL Transfer Marker it is easy to create romantic cards and wedding decorations that express the bridal couple's own style.


Already when designing the wedding invitations, the heart starts beating faster. But it doesn't always have to be just squiggles or floral patterns. The KREUL Transfer Marker can also be used to transfer graphic elements that radiate a simple charm. How about a honeycomb pattern in retro look? The minimalist pattern leaves plenty of room for flawless elegance.

Suitable motifs can be found on the Internet or using text and image processing programmes on your own computer. The KREUL Transfer Marker removes the ink of the original from the paper. This only works if the motif is printed on copy paper with a laser printer or a laser copy is made. It is also important to print the lettering mirror-inverted so that it is legible after transfer. All requirements fulfilled? Then you can start.

Place the motif with the printed side facing down and fix it with adhesive tape. This way, nothing can slip. Then apply the KREUL Transfer Marker to everything and rub firmly over it with a wooden stick. Now remove the template - look, the motif shines in all its beauty! Simply great, how fast individual design can be done. The best thing about it: the motifs can be transferred to many surfaces such as wood, stone or even fabric. This way, everything appears uniform from the save-the-date card to the laid wedding table.

After drying, the transferred design is waterproof and wipe-resistant, so that you can then apply a transparent paint coat with the KREUL Wood Glaze over it. We find, however, that the graphic patterns in black and white look particularly noble. The liquid of the solvent based KREUL Transfer Markers consists of at least 60% sustainable raw materials of natural origin. Because a responsible approach to the future is close to our hearts. We wish all bridal couples an unforgettable day and a wonderful future together.

  • KREUL Transfer Marker edge, Art.- Nr. 49931
  • KREUL Transfer Marker XXL, Art.-Nr. 49932