MUCKI Stoff Fingerfarbe Karneval Kostüm selber machen

We go as artists

02/19/2020 |

Carnival, Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday: not for long before the crazy days begin. The fun starts with an original disguise which is just as colourful as a sugar-sweet camel. How about an artist costume? The colourful outfit is made with the MUCKI Fabric Finger Paints. Then the carnival party already begins at the craft table. Helau!


For our artist costume, you need the MUCKI Fabric Finger Paints in different colour shades, a white shirt, white cardboard and quick fingers. But as for the latter, all little artists have them. As the luminous water-based paint has sensitive properties, it is perfect for children from the age of 2. The MUCKI Fabric Finger Paints are dermatologically tested, lactose-free, gluten free, paraben-free as well as vegan. Open the cap and the colouring fun can begin - not only for the youngest but also for the older siblings who are creative and like to join in.

First, a tentative dab with the fingertip, then a daring handprint in the middle of the white shirt. Wow, how colourfully it glows! Quickly, the little hands spread the MUCKI Fabric Finger Paint generously over the fabric. Don't worry, your hands won't stay that colourful until Carnival Monday. With lukewarm water, the fingers will be clean again. To ensure that the decorated shirt remains brightly coloured for a long time, it should be left to dry for 24 hours. Then iron the inside of it. It will stay beautiful for a long time!

A colourful coat does not make an artist. That is why we equip ourselves with a self-made palette. Simply blot the different shades of the MUCKI Fabric Finger Paint on white cardboard. Let it dry. The characteristic artist's utensil is ready!

That was fun! We think that playing with the creamy colour is as much fun as celebrating carnival. And the result is quite impressive. A beret and a brush complete the little artist. The original children's costume is sure to inspire many others. We wish you a great crazy time!

  • MUCKI Fabric Finger Paint 4-piece set, Art.-Nr. 28400
  • MUCKI Fabric Finger Paint violet, Art.-Nr. 28110
  • MUCKI Fabric Finger Paint orange, Art.-Nr. 28107
  • MUCKI Fabric Finger Paint pink, Art.-Nr. 28109
  • MUCKI Fabric Finger Paint light blue, Art.-Nr. 28111
  • White shirt
  • White cardboard