Typography standing tall. Art from A to Z

01/17/2019 |

An A can be more than just a letter. The charm of different fonts, initials and graphical elements is more popular than ever. While the fans of handlettering curl their little flourishes in little notebooks, on cards and mugs, artists reach for acrylic markers and go big.

Messages are loudly signalled, letters are transformed into works of art. Let’s go wild!

Shapes are morphed and letters regarded as workpieces. That's the world of SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic Paint Markers. The 15.0 marker comes with big, wide strokes, perfect for drawing long lines on big walls.

The thin 1.4 marker is used for filigree elements. But the colour stays intense. With brilliant ink in an array of shades, artists rate it as a useful tool, no matter what their style. From graffiti through street art to artwork on thicker paper. Shake, pump and then enjoy the colour. You don’t need anything else.

Word for word, letter for letter - a highlight: the SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic Paint Marker

  • KREUL quality made in Germany – checked, tested and constantly optimized
  • For detailed and graphical design elements
  • Brings dynamic accents to a picture
  • Ideal for spontaneous painting
  • Balanced spectrum of 34 colours
  • Suitable for large number of painting surfaces, e.g. canvas, card, paper, stone, metal
  • Stable marker tips to guarantee precise lines
  • The tips are replaceable and easy to clean
  • The high-quality valve system guarantees an even and precise flow of ink
  • The functional shape of the cap for easy removal and tight cap closure

Take its word: the SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic Paint Marker impresses and is perfectly coordinated with the liquid SOLO GOYA Acrylic Triton in 750 ml!

  • Water-based acrylic paint
  • Dries matt
  • High colour intensity and brilliance
  • Contains light-fast pigments
  • Good opacity
  • Fluorescent colours glow under black light
  • Weatherproof on absorbent surfaces