MUCKI Stoff Fingerfarbe 6er Set für Kinder ab 2 Jahren

Six new colours for the youngest textile designers

06/26/2023 |

Hands dipped in green and blue – then pressed onto cloth bags, sweatshirts and cushions. Now the paint is spread and stamped with joyful abandon and squeals of delight. Simply wonderful how the paints feel, enchanting the very youngest textile designers.

The new set of 6 MUCKI Finger Paints for Fabrics is full of one-off experiences and colourful moments. Of course, all our finger paints for fabrics are adapted to meet the needs of young children. A fantastic gift idea for children aged from 2 years. And a great way for them to create their first artworks on fabric. Here we present our new set of six 150-ml jars of Mucki Finger Paint for Fabrics and show you all the things the six cheerful new colours can do.


Child-friendly paint for colourful fabric art

How toddlers glow with pride when Mummy goes shopping with the bag they have painted specially for her. And playing with the paints is even better. First, they dip their hands in the brightly coloured paint and then make handprints that are washable on fabrics. Fantastic! The creamy consistency of the MUCKI Finger Paints for Fabrics makes them perfect for stamping and stencilling.

The paints are also mega fun for older brothers and sisters to make their mark with a paintbrush, sponge or spatula! Their parents can just let them get on with it, and snap some photos. After all, MUCKI Finger Paints for Fabric are dermatologically tested, free of parabens, gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, titanium-dioxide-free and vegan.

Bitter substances are contained in the paints to make sure the paint doesn't find its way into the kids' mouth. But even if this does happen – no worries, the paints in the set of six MUCKI Finger Paints for Fabrics are non-toxic. The children’s paint is developed and produced at our plant in Hallerndorf, in a fair and safe process! And before they are sent to the shops, we put the colours in the finger paint sets in packaging made of 95 % recycled material.

Set of six MUCKI Finger Paints for Fabric: these colours are included

When little hands are busy creating cute fabric artwork, they need a rainbow of colours. That’s why we have included six 150-ml jars in white, yellow, red, green, blue and violet in the set of six MUCKI Finger Paints for Fabric. The bright water-based paints are suitable for painting on light- and dark-coloured cotton fabrics or mixed fabrics containing up to 20 % artificial fibres.

Washable finger paint for fabric? Here’s how

Of course, the main thing about MUCKI Finger Paints for Fabric is the painting fun. But when the kids can actually wear their artwork themselves, that’s a huge added highlight. For this, let the painted fabrics dry for around 24 hours. Then preheat your oven to 150 °C and fix the paints for eight minutes. Alternatively, you can fix the paints by ironing the reverse side of the fabric intensively for five minutes at a cotton setting. Now the sweatshirts, bags, etc. are washable up to 40°C, and the kids can show them off. Have fun playing together with the colourful paints and the one-of-a-kind results.