Tube mit KREUL Kinder Künstlerfarbe in Pink

Available soon – artists‘ paint for children

04/26/2023 |

All the great master painters started out small. But kids today can already start big. That's child's play with the right paint, liquid paint for children. At present, we are still busy producing and filling paint into tubes, but from July 2023 it will be available in the shops: KREUL Kids Art Artists' Paint for Children!

Let’s take a look at the paint for children's future artwork. It can do a lot that paints for adults can do, but it is less complicated. Curtain up for our preview: enough to make even the old masters jealous.



KREUL Kids Art Artists' Paint for Children: brilliant colours for aspiring art ideas

Painting like the great masters – with paint made specially to meet the needs of budding young artists. That's the goal we set ourselves in the development of KREUL Kids Art Artists‘ Paints for Children. A goal that we have successfully achieved. The new Artists' Paints for Children come in intense, brilliant and opaque colours.

But it is not acrylic paint or gouache paint. This studio feeling for children should be uncomplicated and worry-free! That’s why we have made KREUL Kids Art Artists' Paint for Children child-friendly. It is paraben-free, vegan, dermatologically tested, microplastic-free (except the fluorescent paints) and can be washed out of most textiles from 30 °C. Parents of up-and-coming artists will be amazed!


Colours just like in an artist's studio

No finger paints, no paintboxes: KREUL Kids Art Artists' Paints for Children is a liquid paint that comes in tubes. A paintbrush is used to apply the paint: onto canvas, paper or card. Perfect for a child’s very first art exhibition – in their play room! Abstract forms, classical still life or a portrait of mum. Even very young artists can have a go with this paint.

After all, with KREUL Kids Art Artists' Paints for Children, 20 water-based paint colours are available. For instance, Primary Blue, Vermilion Red, Indian Yellow – all colours that the great masters have used for their masterpieces. But our highly pigmented children’s version dries to a velvet-matt finish and can be made soluble again with water. Sure, kids from 6 years old need cool colour shades for their artwork, too. For this reason, we have also developed effect paint colours like silver, gold, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent pink.

Made in Germany: Maximum control for children's paints

We can best guarantee safety if we have absolute control. That's why KREUL Kids Art Artists‘ Paint for Children is made in Germany. Our company headquarters are located in Hallerndorf in Upper Franconia. This is where the Artists' Paint for Children was specially developed for kids to use safely. From July 2023, the paints will be available in the shops, either in individual tubes of colour or as a set of eight colours. And from August 2023 in an Artist’s Case for Children.