KREUL Kundenmagazin Schwarz auf Weiss

Black on White: Our magazine for KREUL customers

04/20/2023 |

Finding out about products, contacting us – sure, you can do all that online. But with every new digital step we take, we still appreciate traditional ways. That’s why twice a year, we publish a magazine in paper form. So instead of clicking through our highlights, you can leaf through the pages, relax and let yourself be inspired. Just fade your everyday, settle down comfortably and immerse yourself in our world of colour. And with no obligation. Curious? We tell you all you need to know about our KREUL brand magazine "Black on White" here.


Why a KREUL brand magazine?

So much is happening in the KREUL world of colour. Every year, we launch new products on the market, and we show you how we are doing this more and more sustainably. Sure, we report on all that in concise and informative articles and blog posts on our website. But there we don’t have any background reports or interviews with experts. In our KREUL brand magazine, we have the space to do this. This magazine gives you a glimpse behind the scenes, with a rich sprinkling of interesting facts and figures about our company. 99 % of KREUL paints are already produced on water basis. You didn’t know that? We tell you all about this in Black on White, the KREUL brand magazine.

How do you get the KREUL Black on White brand magazine?

You can get our KREUL brand magazine wherever you can buy our products: from art and craft retailers, in stationery shops or DIY outlets. Customers can just take one. If there are no issues left to take, you can simply order the KREUL brand magazine to your own home. We deliver it twice a year by post. Free of charge, of course. Interested? You can register



What does the KREUL brand magazine cost?

Writing reports, taking new photos, printing and postage – that all costs. But we pay those costs! The Kreul brand magazine "Black on White" is free of charge for our customers, including delivery to their home. Enjoy reading and browsing!

Can you first trial-read the KREUL brand magazine?

Sure! All previous issues are available for download, so you can easily get a first impression. Though not in print, but digital. You can find all previous issues here.