KREUL Farben Kinder ab 6 Jahre

Strong colours make your own ideas shine

08/26/2021 |

Pink next to red, green and neon colours? Of course, it fits! Children from the age of 6 check out what's popular and like to paint their own thing. Whether it's colourful racing cars, adorable horse pictures or funny laughing faces: anything is allowed that pleases and makes everyday life more colourful. The right paints for this are the KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint, the KREUL Textile Marker and the KREUL Window Color. A fantastic surprise for the start of school or for happy afternoons with the best friends. With these colours, kids can simply be creative and experience what creativity means. Because it's a great way to emotionally process experiences and express themselves. Colours sometimes say more than words!


Summer, sun, being outside - logical! When it's T-shirt weather, the kids whirl around, especially on the play street. But bikes, scooters and skates have a break now, here the KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint is the new star. The liquid chalk paint shines intensively and is applied to the asphalt with a brush. Chalk artwork has never been more colourful. Scribbles and thin strokes are out, with the KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint real street art is created in the courtyard driveway. Not forever, after all, the paint is made of washable liquid chalk. The next downpour or the garden hose will make the colourful paths clean again. Good to know: the KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint consists of 95% natural raw materials.

And when the weather is gloomy? Then creative kids won't let it spoil the mood. Grey clouds look 'nice' through colourfully decorated windowpanes. With the KREUL Window Color, liquid colours are turned into removable stickers for the window. Our sets not only contain brightly coloured shades, but also motifs such as butterflies, unicorns or monsters. Would you rather design your own works of art for the children's room window? That's also possible. Together with siblings, neighbour's children or the best friend, boring afternoons can simply be painted away. The best thing is: stickers created with the KREUL Window Color stick to many smooth surfaces – great for bathroom tiles and mirrors.

Even more in the mood for chic designs? Then it's time for the KREUL Textile Marker. The fabric markers are perfect for showing off your own style on backpacks, gym bags, shirts or pencil cases. Hearts, stars, lightning bolts or cheeky monsters are quickly painted on textiles. The robust fabric markers work without shaking or pumping. They turn plain fabrics into real eye-catchers in no time at all. The KREUL Textile Markers are a fantastic gift and fit wonderfully into the school cone.

We think colours are a thoughtful gift. They not only bring fun, but also give children a way to express themselves. Colourful pictures, self-made works or trying out colours are a wonderful way to process experiences. This makes emotionally strong, puts them in a good mood and offers a change from schoolwork.