KREUL Wachsbatik Batik Farbe blau Indigo Tücher Hippie Sommer Style Fashion selber machen

Simply sophisticated: summer feeling with batik design

08/26/2021 |

Summertime is batik time. When freshly dyed textiles flutter on the clothesline, a touch of hippie romance wafts through the garden. The light attitude to life is matched by the fact that DIY with the KREUL batik textile dye is very easy. It's fun to try out a painting technique that looks effective and yet is easy to do. We create chic white patterns in intense colour with the help of the KREUL Javana cold wax. A design as blue-white as the summer sky. Let yourself be inspired by a technique that is simply refined. We will reveal how it's done.

The KREUL Batik Textile Paint is ideal for painting silk, cotton, viscose, linen, half-linen, wool and polyamide. The colour powder is pre-mixed with dyeing salt. So, the granules are ready to use and can be dissolved directly in hot water. Sometimes more, sometimes less - depending on how intensively T-shirts, cushion covers or bags are to be painted. But how are white lines created in a rush of colour? The secret is the KREUL Javana cold wax. Where it is applied, it covers the fabric. No colour can get onto the waxed areas and wonderful white areas are created in the midst of intense colour. The wax is smooth and does not need to be heated extra, it is already 'cold' just right and can be used.

Fancy some special accessories and fashion? With our tips, it's sure to work. We apply the ready-to-use cold wax to the fabric with a brush or paint roller. Clean the tools used with warm water and soap afterwards. Now colour comes into play! We heat 1.5 litres of water to 90 degrees and dissolve the colour powder of the KREUL batik textile paint in it. Then we fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add the hot, coloured water. The dye bath should thus have a temperature of 50 degrees.

Now it is time for the textiles to show their colours. We place the fabric in the prepared dye bath and let the dye penetrate the fabric. In the process, the fabric should not be bent too much, otherwise the wax can break. Once our favourite shade is reached, we wash out the dyed fabric until the water runs clear. To protect it from discolouration later, we put the fabric in a bath of clear water and fixative for 15 minutes. Stir the fabric several times to ensure that the fixative reaches all parts of the fabric evenly. Then the fabric can be dried on the clothesline and admired for a while. However, our work of art becomes stunningly beautiful after we have removed the cold wax. Cover the dry fabric with paper towels and iron out the wax with the iron set to cotton.

Whether scarves, bags or shirts: batiked textiles are an eye-catcher. To keep them beautiful for a long time, they should be washed in the washing machine at a maximum of 40 degrees. The KREUL fixative improves the wash resistance, but excess colour can still rub off. We recommend washing dyed fabrics separately.