KREUL Nature Set Verpackung mit Nachhaltigkeits Symbolen

How we label our sustainable products

03/22/2023 |

We are investing in the future. With products that are more sustainable than ever before. Dependable brand quality isn’t enough for us. We continuously rework our paints and glues to make them more environmenally friendly. We have already changed a lot. And we are making these changes visible with our sustainability icons.


The small symbols on the label show you at a glance that a product is sustainable. Sustainability has many components. That's why we use several different symbols on our packaging. These icons indicate that the paint or glue is resource-friendly. Check out what icons are printed on your KREUL product.




Sustainable formulation: Seedling icon for a sustainable formulation

The seedling stands for a more sustainable formulation. So it refers to the content of our paints and glues. If this icon is printed on a product, the formulation consists of at least 60 % sustainable resources or it contains natural substances, e.g. natural pigments. A paint with this icon differs from paints with classical constituents. Behind these sustainable formulations are raw materials that conserve resources. You can find out more about how we rate a raw material as sustainable and what criteria are important to us in a sustainable formulation here.

Refill System: Refill instead of buying new

Quality is important to us. Not only in our paints and glues, but in everything that comes with them. A KREUL marker may have run dry, but the barrel or body of the pen and often the tip, too, are still perfect – only the paint or ink is missing. The solution: refill the marker rather than throw it away. That is why we have developed a refill systems with which you can simply refill KREUL markers. Our refill icon shows you which markers you can refill. The circular symbol consisting of two arrows stands for a longer lifetime and less plastic waste. In this post, we provide detailed information on the sustainability icon.

Made in Germany: Fair and safe paints from Germany

185 years ago, KREUL was founded in Forchheim in Upper Franconia, Germany. While other paint companies have relocated their production to Far East, we have only moved around 10 km northwest, to Hallerndorf. KREUL paints are and will remain a brand product from Germany. That's because here we have maximum control over our paints and can trust in our many years of paint know-how. That ensures that our paints and glues are products with consistent quality. They meet and even exceed the relevant statutory requirements in Germany. For us, "Made in Germany" is an important distinction and a commitment to more sustainability. We explain requirements and conditions behind this in this post.

Recycled cardboard: Packaging made of recycled cardboard

How can we make packaging waste more sustainable. By making sure it forms part of the recycling loop. The packaging we use for our sets contains a high percentage of recycled material. It consists largely of recycled paper – a product that is already in circulation, so much less energy is needed the production of the packaging. After you buy a KREUL set, you can separately dispose of the cardboard for recycling and the cycle starts over again. For us, this is a criterion for more sustainability. That's why we are printing the “Recycled cardboard” icon on our sets. In this post, we take a closer look at the sustainability symbol, which shows an open box.

Recycled plastic: Containers made of recycled plastic

Our paint is filled into plastic containers – for us a practical, safe, and sustainable solution. For we are switching more and more of our bottles and jars to recycled materials. It all started with the lid of KREUL Nature. This is made of 100 % recycled plastic. In the meantime, only plastic made from recycled materials, that is recycled plastic is used for the 250-ml container for SOLO GOYA Acrylic. Recycled plastic already has one lifetime behind it as packaging. For us, it is a sustainable solution direct from the recycling bin. For KREUL products with containers containing recycled plastic, we have printed the “Recycled plastic” icon on them. That symbol shows a rubbish bag with a recycling symbol. Find out what's behind the term “Recycled plastic” and which products already come with this sustainability icon here.