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Colour of the month: Lilac

03/10/2022 |

The Pantene Color Institute’s Colour of the Year Very Peri reminds us of the colour lilac. In nature, the plant of that name flowers in spring, but the fresh colour can get us smiling the entire year over. As paint experts, we show you all the different possibilities with this colour and how you can best combine it with other colours.





Delicate violet with a blue undertone

Lilac is a shade of violet. Lilac bush flowers come in many shades, from dark reddish violet to a soft bluish violet. In the design and creative sector, lilac is a light violet colour that can appear warmer or cooler depending on the colour mix. Our colour of the month has predominantly cool undertones, giving it a slightly frostier look. The shade is mixed from magenta and cool blue hues. If lots of white is added to lighten the colour up, a softer shade is produced that is gentle and graceful – but refreshing, too! Wonderful for blowing a cooling breeze into summer artwork. 

Lilac acrylics in multiple variations

Especially in summer, this radiant colour is perfect for DIY projects. You want to use the colour of the month on glass and porcelain? No problem, Glass & Porcelain Clear paint is available in lilac. With KREUL Javana Fabric Paint in lilac, you can create one-of-a-kind designs on light-coloured textiles in the Very Peri style. If, on the other hand, you want to paint decorative objects to go outside, the weather- and waterproof KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint in lilac is just right. In the KREUL Artists‘ Paints assortments, the soft violet variation is represented in several paint lines. There is a lilac paint in SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic line as a semi-transparent shade and in the KREUL el Greco Acrylics as an opaque colour. On top of these, you can design interesting eyecatching highlights with the KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker in lilac. Wonderful all the different things you can do with the colour lilac.

Do you combine lilac?

What’s the best way to show off this colour to best effect? Together with light green, lilac radiates a joie de vivre. With blue shades, you get a fresh summer feeling. But if you prefer to experiment with bolder contrasts, try putting bright yellow next to lilac. You want to give your artwork a a touch of elegance? Then gold is the perfect partner. Next to dark colours like black, lilac looks particularly bright – fantastic for expressive highlights. Incredible what a soft and gentle shade like lilac can do!