KREUL Vergolden Blattmetall Set Komplett DIY kreativ

Colour of the month: gold

05/20/2021 |
  • KREUL Liquid Bronze
  • KREUL Primer for Leaf Metal
  • KREUL Colorspray Metallic
  • KREUL Insight

Gold is always the way to go, isn't it? The queen of colours shines with an incomparable shimmer. A touch of it on simple accessories - and little pieces of jewellery are created. We are completely carried away by the elegant aura that the metallic colour radiates. We like to bring the little luxury into our homes with DIY projects. But is it even possible to produce the uniqueness of the colour gold synthetically? Yes: we present three ways how favourite objects can be refined golden with the KREUL products. And it's quite uncomplicated with our gilding series.


Is that real gold? No, but the KREUL Leaf Metal in the colour gold comes pretty close to the precious metal optically. Perfect for transforming plain objects into unique pieces. The wafer-thin metal may seem a bit intimidating. But with the KREUL Gilding with Leaf Metal Set Golden Elegance, the gold shine definitely will work out. The set contains everything you need for gilding: the KREUL Leaf Metal in the colour gold, the KREUL Primer for applying the metal, suitable brushes and the KREUL Topcoat as final protection. Then, nothing can really go wrong when gilding.

Those who prefer to apply the colour gold directly with a brush will be delighted with the KREUL Gold Bronze. The high-gloss varnish on a synthetic resin basis contains golden shimmering metallic pigments for brilliant bronze effects. The lacquer is opaque and suitable for interior objects. It brings wonderful gold shine to wood, stone, ceramics, plastic and many other surfaces. Ideal for giving beautifully shaped vases or candlesticks a stunning golden finish. 

Seamless gold look without visible brush strokes - that is also possible! The KREUL Leaf Metal Effect Spray in the colour gold can be easily sprayed on. This creates a glamorous gold shine which can be reinforced layer by layer. The technique is optimal for filigree worked up objects. After all, the golden spray mist gets into even the smallest crevice. Artfully decorated mirror frames and intricately designed bowls can thus be gilded in no time at all. Golden sprayed objects can also be placed outdoors. For this purpose, they should be additionally overpainted with the KREUL Zapon lacquer.