KREUL Textil Marker kreativ Stoff malen Stift

Easily to your own style: the KREUL Textile Marker

05/11/2021 |

What do we need now? A chic, new look in bright, cheerful colours! This not only puts us in a summer mood all year round, but also turns creative ideas into hip favourite pieces. Cute cactus designs on the shopping bag or graphic accents on pillows: with the KREUL Textile Marker we create our very own style. Pale pink, neon orange or green - in these and many other fresh shades, the fabric marker quickly makes us shine. Fancy some trendy fashion for your living room or your own closet? Just get started, design is so casual with the KREUL Textile Marker!


It has never been so easy to set trends with your own ideas. The KREUL Textile Markers are made to give simple fabrics that certain something. Simply pull out the pen, cap off and the creations can go onto the fabric. Without shaking or pumping? Of course! With the KREUL Textile Marker, the colour comes quite naturally from the beginning onto the textile background. The marker is filled with brilliant water-based paint which is suitable for painting light textiles. Wonderful for large-scale patterns or cute details like our little cacti. Placemats, shirts and scarves quickly become an eye-catcher.

The KREUL Textile Marker is a fantastic basic pen when it comes to painting and upcycling fabrics.  It is available as a single pen in 18 colours or as a set with the shades red, blue, yellow, green and black. The insensitive fibre tip of the KREUL Textile Marker medium in the line width about 2-4mm can achieve a lot. Perfect for creating bold spines on the cacti with loose strokes. For particularly delicate details, we have developed the KREUL Textile Marker fine. It has a robust tip with a line width of approx. 1-2 mm. Those who would like to use the basic colours red, blue, yellow, green, orange and black, will be pleased with the KREUL Textile Marker fine 6-piece set.

Minimalist zigzag design or cute illustrations: it's nice when your own ideas can shine on textiles in no time at all. To keep it that way for a long time, we have put together a few useful tips. We recommend the KREUL Textile Marker for the design of light textiles made of cotton, batiste, linen and mixed fabrics up to a maximum of 20% synthetic fibre content. Before painting, the fabric should be washed free of finishes and fabric softener. To protect the substrate or in the case of double-layered textiles, we place baking paper between the layers of fabric. If you let the painting dry in the air for at least 3 days, it is fixed. It works faster after a drying time of 6 hours with the iron. Iron the design covered with baking paper for 5 minutes on the cotton setting. The painted designs can also be fixed in the oven at 150 °C. Has it worked? Great! Then the chicly designed textiles can now be washed inside out at up to 60 °C.