Colour of the month: eucalyptus

03/11/2020 |

Relaxing and invigorating at the same time: the colour shade eucalyptus caresses our senses, vitalises the mind and spreads pleasant serenity. The soft green is part of the KREUL Nature series and embodies the beneficial powers of nature. The shade reminds of healing herbs and delicate leaves. KREUL Nature eucalyptus radiates well-being and has a light and airy effect - just what we long for in the free nature.


The KREUL Nature palette comprises twelve different colour shades. Eucalyptus is a cool green with a lot of white - this makes the colour tone as light and delicate as the fragrant leaves of the plant with the same name. In contrast to other light green varieties such as yellowish May green, eucalyptus is not gaudy but rather reserved. The KREUL Nature eucalyptus is a colour that radiates spring freshness while remaining gentle and timelessly beautiful.

The KREUL Nature eucalyptus is oriented towards the beauty of nature and at the same time wants to preserve it. This works with a recipe consisting of 84% sustainable raw materials of natural origin. The KREUL Nature also makes a contribution with its packaging as the screw cap consists of 85% old plastic and the glass is recyclable. Environmentally friendly, resource-saving and simple - the KREUL Nature eucalyptus shows how harmoniously colours can be in line with nature.

The KREUL Nature eucalyptus is creamy and can be easily applied with a brush. The water-based paint not only makes paper or cardboard something special. Also, natural materials such as dried clay or found objects from nature look ravishingly spring-like with a delicate decoration in light green. The colour even lasts on stones, driftwood or pressed leaves. With the KREUL Nature eucalyptus, it is easy to bring the awakening nature into your home. The shade of green is simply wonderful on its own but can also be combined with other colours from the KREUL Nature product line.