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The Easter bunny is coming

03/17/2020 |

Easter is coming! But before that, it is time for the appropriate decoration. Our cute Easter bunny can be made very quickly. Cut it out, glue it and paint coloured eggs on it with the MUCKI hobby paint: clever kids aged 4 and up will certainly manage that all by themselves. As soon as mum has drawn a rabbit head, ears and paws on clay paper, you can start making things. Open the tubes of paint and pull the brushes: now spring will come into the children's room!


What makes a rabbit a real Easter bunny? The Easter eggs of course! We take a brown coffee filter as a rabbit belly and brightly paint colourful eggs on it with the MUCKI children's brush. With the ergonomically shaped brush, this works without slipping off. The MUCKI hobby paint is a water-based children's paint. It is easy to paint, dries quickly and is washable from textiles. Good to know when a coloured Easter egg has landed on the T-shirt instead of on the belly of the Easter bunny.

As soon as the paint has dried, all Easter bunny parts are cut out and glued together. It is not so easy to get the right amount of glue on paper. But with the MUCKI children's glue in pen, this is no problem at all. The pen sits comfortably in the little hand and with a little finger pressure, just the right amount of glue comes out of the opening. One blob too much can be wiped away with a damp cloth and sticky fingers can be washed clean with lukewarm water.

Now it's time for details. The Easter bunny with a snub nose and small round eyes is really funny. Of course, this is also possible with the MUCKI hobby paint. The MUCKI Glitzy in the handy pen is especially accurate. We dab two white circles on the rabbit's head and put a blob of black in the middle. Two eyes are already twinkling at us. Sparkle? Right! The MUCKI Glitzy is a special effect paint with a wonderful metallic shimmer. And if it says MUCKI on it, it means reliability: the Glitzy is also washable, dermatologically tested, paraben-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan.

Now the Easter bunny can be hung on the pinboard or on the door of the children's room or on the window... And because it is so quickly made, there is certainly sill time for a whole Easter bunny family. We hope you will enjoy crafting and that the Easter bunny will bring lots of eggs this year.

  • MUCKI Hobby paint red, Art.-Nr. 24105
  • MUCKI Hobby paint blue, Art.-Nr. 24111
  • MUCKI Hobby paint orange, Art.-Nr. 24103
  • MUCKI Hobby paint yellow, Art.-Nr. 24102
  • MUCKI Hobby paint green, Art.-Nr. 24112
  • MUCKI Glitzy gleaming white, Art.-Nr. 24314
  • MUCKI Glitzy gleaming black, Art.-Nr. 24315
  • MUCKI Children's glue in pen, Art.-Nr. 24381
  • MUCKI Children's brush Trigonomic, size 6, Art.-Nr. 552006
  • Coloured paper in brown und pink