KREUL Javana Stoffmalfarbe Kissen anmalen

Good mood look with the KREUL Javana Fabric Paint

03/19/2020 |

Live, love, laugh - because the spring is here. When it blooms outside, ideas sprout in our heads about how to bring more zest into the living room. It should be individual, cheerful and feminine. A perfect job for the KREUL Javana Fabric Paints for light and dark fabrics. The brilliant fabric paint turns cushions and other textiles into new favourite accessories that bring a breath of fresh air to the sofa. The simple geometric patterns are simple but ingenious. Painted quickly and as cheerful as spring sunbeams. Our tip: imitate - it will lift your spirits in no time!


Spring makes you want colours. With yellow, white, cherry, violet and ice blue, we create a colour palette that is lively but not too colourful. For our spring design, we only need brushes, paint rollers and sponge brushes. The extraordinary dabbing tools in different sizes already indicate the direction of the motif: simple, geometric and round.

The fabric paint was conceived and developed in Hallerndorf, Upper Franconia. This is also where it is produced, tested, bottled and delivered to the rest of the world. The KREUL Javana Fabric Paint for light and dark fabrics is particularly popular because of its creamy consistency. The different shades of colour can be mixed wonderfully with each other - making textiles unique and underlining their own taste. The colours are water-based and are suitable for light and dark fabrics made of cotton, viscose and mixed fabrics up to a maximum of 20% synthetic fibre content.

If you want to create a colourful background on the fabric, spread colour on the cushion cover with the paint roller. This makes it nice and even and the paint penetrates the fabric deep into the fibres. After a short drying time, we can paint semicircles, dots or flat shapes in violet, cherry, ice blue, white and yellow over it. Since the KREUL Javana Fabric Paint is opaque for light and dark fabrics, the individual fabric design is created layer by layer. The colours can also be mixed together. This creates tinted variations such as light violet.

Already done - yes, because with this trendy look, less is more. Now iron the unique DIY cushion or the self-printed bag only from the inside at 60 degrees, and everything is fixed in place and can easily withstand the washing machine. We are totally captivated by our individual fabric designs. How about designing another one for dear friends? That way we can pass on the good feeling sense of spring.

  • KREUL Javana Fabric paint for light and dark fabrics ice blue, Art.-Nr. 91979
  • KREUL Javana Fabric paint for light and dark fabrics rose, Art.-Nr. 91968
  • KREUL Javana Fabric paint for light and dark fabrics violet, Art.-Nr. 91957
  • KREUL Javana Fabric paint for light and dark fabrics cherry, Art.-Nr. 91955
  • KREUL Javana Fabric paint for light and dark fabrics yellow, Art.-Nr. 91962
  • KREUL Javana Fabric paint for light and dark fabrics white, Art.-Nr. 91953
  • KREUL Paint and stencil roller, Art.-Nr. 722805
  • KREUL Sponge brush 4-piece set, Art.-Nr. 72160
  • KREUL Basic Synthetics flat size 20, Art.Nr. 721120
  • Ideas for a cushion cover, poplin, Art.Nr. S4300