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Five questions about KREUL Acrylic Matt paint

12/08/2021 |

Wonderful how you can pep up your home with painted home accessories. Our allrounder for painting furniture or decorative items is KREUL Acrylic Matt paint. Whether for stylish Christmas baubles or beautiful picture frames: the decorating and craft paint is suitable for any number of creative ideas. Here we answer the five questions the we are most frequently asked about KREUL Acrylic Matt paint.




Why is KREUL Acrylic Matt paint more suitable for painting décor items than artists’ acrylic paints?

KREUL Acrylic Matt paint adheres to numerous surfaces and is always opaque. Depending on their colour, artists’ acrylics are sometimes semi-opaque or even transparent. We have made KREUL Acrylic Matt paint very robust as painted furniture or decor items sometimes take a lot of wear and tear. Artists’ acrylics don’t need to meet this standard. A dried coat of KREUL Acrylic Matt paint is saliva-resistant, the paint doesn’t come off if it comes into contact with saliva or if you rub it with your finger. This makes KREUL Acrylic Matt paint ideal for decorating wooden toys.

Is the paint also suitable for use on dark surfaces?

You can use KREUL Acrylic Matt paint to paint lots of different objects. The paint adheres to wood, paper, card, polystyrene, stone, dried concrete, terracotta, glass, ceramic, clay, metal, plastic and air-drying modelling clay. The DIY paint is so opaque that even dark surfaces don’t show through. Only the intense matt colour remains visible.

Do you need a primer before you start painting?

Surfaces like wood are absorbent, a primer can solve this problem. But this isn't needed if you use KREUL Acrylic Matt paint. With its matt, opaque characteristics, the paint itself serves as a primer. That is why KREUL Acrylic Matt paint is ideal for surfaces for Foto Transfer Potch and decoupage.

Do you have to seal the paint with protective varnish?

KREUL Acrylic Matt paint is weather-resistant. It is therefore suitable for painting decorative items for interiors or for outdoors. Wet or cold weather doesn't damage the paint, which is not always the case with all DIY paints. Paints that are not weather-resistant need a protective varnish. But with KREUL Acrylic Matt paint, creatives can simply paint items and enjoy the new colourful decoration – so easy and with no further finishing needed.


Is KREUL Acrylic Matt paint suitable for decorative items for an aquarium?

Our matt decorative and craft paint is water- and weather-resistant. The paint can withstand wet weather and rain, and even snow isn’t a problem. Nevertheless, painted items shouldn’t stand permanently in water as the surface below the paint can be soaked through and the paint can come off. Surfaces in contact with water should not be painted with KREUL Acrylic Matt paint. The paint is therefore not suitable for decorative items for an aquarium.