KREUL Nature DIY Weihnachten Tannenzapfen

Anticipation of the festive season with finely made pinecones

11/24/2021 |

Winter is coming and welcomes us with a fairy-tale landscape of hoarfrost and wafts of mist. It's wonderful to enjoy the change of season with all your senses and to look for pretty natural finds outside. Because pinecones and the KREUL Nature can be used to create unique pendants that spread a touch of Christmas anticipation. We love to be inspired by nature when being creative and deliberately go for a paint that is timelessly beautiful and sustainable. Let's make the autumn-winter transition cosy with a DIY idea that warms the heart.


We've brought pinecones back from our walk in the forest, which we are now painting with the KREUL Nature Pebble Stone and Slate. The KREUL Nature Pebble Stone stands for the simple beauty of the natural elements. The colour tone is harmonious and holds back in a relaxed way, because in nature it doesn't need much to be perfect. The KREUL Nature Slate is almost black and appears mysterious. The shade radiates calm and class. Both shades are perfect for drawing the eye to the unique shape of the cones. The noble grey tones make our natural finds look chic and are a noble contrast to green fir branches or wreaths. For those who like more variety, mix other shades of grey by adding the KREUL Nature Snow Crystal. The KREUL Nature colours can be mixed with each other.  This way you can create Christmas decorations where everything fits together.

The idea behind the KREUL Nature is to be inspired by the beauty of nature and to protect it at the same time. That is why we have designed the KREUL Nature to be resource-friendly. The paint consists of 84% sustainable raw materials of natural origin. It is filled in a glass jar that consists of 27% recycled glass and is 100% recyclable. We focus on recycling and use a screw cap made of 85% recycled plastic and a label made of 30% recycled fibres. The KREUL Nature is manufactured in Germany - fairly and safely. This guarantees us paints with a high-quality standard.

Whether in subtle pebble stone, precious slate or another shade: the KREUL Nature is a paint that is ideal for Christmas DIY projects. Our resource-saving paint has a creamy consistency and is easy to apply with a brush. It is opaque and dries quickly to a matte finish. We're thrilled with how chic it looks on our homemade pinecone pendants. But the paint is not only suitable for natural findings. It is ideal for creating decorations out of wood, stone, dried concrete or clay, cardboard or paper. This makes the KREUL Nature a fantastic alternative to classic acrylic paint. Perfect for creating additional candle holders in a matching design.

They have become chic: as soon as the paint has dried, we thread on our pinecones in designer look. Now they are ready to be used as eye-catchers on the Christmas tree or in arrangements made of fir branches. If you want to have a Christmas eye-catcher in your garden, hang the painted pendants on real conifers in the garden. KREUL Nature is also suitable for outdoor decoration. The painted objects may get wet but should not stand permanently in water. To improve abrasion resistance and for protection, the painted decorations can be varnished with a transparent topcoat, e.g., the KREUL Acrylic Matt Varnish on a synthetic resin base.