Fragen und Antworten zu SOLO GOYA Acrylic Acrylfarbe

Five questions about SOLO GOYA Acrylic

10/02/2023 |

Painting a picture with acrylic paints is very fulfilling, providing the painting process is super easy and the finished artwork makes you proud. With SOLO GOYA Acrylic, even beginners can paint successfully with acrylics. The high-pigment artists‘ acrylic paints in study quality can be applied smoothly with a paintbrush. We have already tried out lots of acrylic painting techniques with this paint, so here we are answering the five questions we are most commonly asked about SOLO GOYA Acrylic.


What does study quality mean for artists‘ acrylic paints?

The term is a grade indicating paint quality. The highest quality of acrylic paints is artists‘ quality. These contain the highest amount of pigment and the best-quality binder. These acrylic paints can be very expensive as pigments are expensive. Too expensive for beginners to practise with or try out techniques. That is why we have developed SOLO GOYA Acrylic in study quality. The paints also have a high content of pigment and two binders, but manage without the most expensive ingredients. It is sometimes claimed about paints in study quality that the lack of pigment is balanced out with low-cost fillers. But fillers are not added just to stretch the paints and make them cheaper. They are colourless substances that work together with the binder to ensure paint strength and elasticity.

How do you thin SOLO GOYA Acrylic?

Our artists‘ acrylic paint already comes in a creamy, slightly liquid consistency. However, you can also thin it with water. This not only changes the consistency of SOLO GOYA Acrylic, but also its elasticity. A little water makes the paint thinner and more transparent. Too much water, though, makes it more brittle. To thin the paint more evenly and make it more liquid, it is better to use a painting medium. We recommend, for example, SOLO GOYA Pouring Fluid for the pouring technique.

How do you make liquid acrylic more paste-like in consistency?

Acrylic paints are very versatile. It is possible to change the consistency of SOLO GOYA Acrylic. For this, we have developed SOLO GOYA pastes and media. If you add some SOLO GOYA Acrylic Medium Structure Paste Universal to a paint, it becomes more pastose so you can apply it with a palette knife. The light structure paste, however, makes the paint more pastel in colour. Alternatively, you can make SOLO GOYA Acrylic more paste-like with SOLO GOYA Acrylic Medium Structure Gel. With this, the paint does not change colour, but dries to a glossy finish.

Why is SOLO GOYA Acrylic best suited for the pouring technique?

For pouring, you can get acrylic paints to flow with the help of a medium. For perfect results, it is crucial to get the right consistency of the colour mix. SOLO GOYA Acrylic is not too liquid, but not too pastose either. You can super easily mix the artists‘ acrylic paint with pouring medium to get a consistency like liquid honey. You can find out more about the pouring medium here. Another advantage: SOLO GOYA Acrylic dries to a matt finish. For a matt paint, the colours are still very intense. SOLO GOYA Pouring Fluid is designed to be glossy. With the mix of paint and medium, an artwork with a very fine, silk-matt effect is obtained. You can then paint details or lettering onto the dried surface.

Do SOLO GOYA Acrylics also include single-pigment paints?

In social media, in courses and specialist literature, lots of artists are vaunting single-pigment colours. These are paints that get their colour from one single pigment. They are popular as they are ideally suitable for mixing other colours. Too many pigments can make a colour look drab and dirty. A colour mixed from two single-pigment colours only contains two pigments and so stay looking brilliant. Our ready-mixed colours only contain as many pigments as needed and also lookbright and brilliant. But we have lots of single-pigment colours in the range that you can use to mix fantastic secondary colours yourself. These include the basic colours like SOLO GOYA Acrylic Genuine Red and SOLO GOYA Acrylic Primary Blue. But cool effect paints like SOLO GOYA Acrylic Fluorescent Yellow only have one colouring pigment, too.