KREUL Acrylfarben Set mit fröhlicher Farbkombination

Mixed Colors: Joyful colours for fashionable combinations

01/25/2023 |

Yellowish green with rosé, or perhaps turquoise alongside genuine yellow? No matter – the main thing is that the colour combination is bright and cheerful! We are elated by colour combos that lift our mood already while we're painting. And that's where the set of 8 SOLO GOYA Acrylic 20-ml tubes of Mixed Colors comes in. The eight on-trend colours are perfect for creating dazzling works of art, so stylish when hung on the wall and sure to turn heads.


And totally easy, as artists don't need to think about finding harmonious colour blends – they are all ready to use in the tubes. Now it's just a matter of putting your favourite combos on canvas. Want to know more? Read on to find out what the set of acrylic paints can do!


Fancy a harmonious artwork in on-trend colours?

Some colour combinations just have that certain something. They conjure up a smile and catch everyone’s eyes. Not that easy to find them – or to mix them. But you don’t have to as the Mixed Colors set of 8 SOLO GOYA Acrylics in 20-ml tubes offers eight refreshing colours all ready to use. The set of acrylic paints contains the colours Genuine Yellow Light, Genuine Orange, Rosé, Violet, Yellowish Green, Turquoise, Primary Blue and Neutral Grey. The best thing about them; they all coordinate with each other. Whatever the combination! That makes it easy to paint a harmonious acrylic artwork.

Perfect for trying out: small tubes full of powerful colour

The SOLO GOYA Acrylic 20-ml tubes in the set of 8 Mixed Colors brings together colour opposites. The set comprises warm as well as cool colours, pastels and bright shades, light and dark hues, And if you want to offset the bright and cheerful colours, just add the neutral grey included in the set as a counterbalance. That way, you can soon turn bright and colourful into subtly muted.

A fantastic set to play around with colour combinations. We think the small tubes are ideal to try out colour harmonies. That’s why the set comprises eight 20-ml tubes of acrylic paint. Perfect for artists to add some stylish new shades to their basic palette.

Brilliant colour with perfect coverage

The SOLO GOYA  Acrylic 20-ml tubes in the Set of 8 Mixed Colors contain highly pigmented artists’ acrylic paints in studio quality. The water-based acrylic paints have a creamy consistency. Naturally, all the colours offer very good coverage and contain light-fast pigments. So useful that these are available as ready-mixed trend colours as their colour brilliance is often lost when you try to mix the colours yourself.


Matt-drying on lots of surfaces

You can mix all the colours in the set of acrylic paints with each other. So artists can get even more colour shades that also harmonize with the eight colours. Want more of a colour wash effect? Simply thin the acrylic paints with water. They dry fast and evenly, and once dried they are waterproof. Great for trying out the stylish colours, and not just on canvas. The harmonious colours in the SOLO GOYA Acrylic 20-ml tubes in the set of 8 Mixed Colors are suitable for painting on paper, card, wood, stone, metal, leather and many plastics.