Kind bemalt Federmaeppchen mit KREUL Textil Marker

My pencil case – my style!

01/25/2023 |

A children’s birthday just around the corner and it’s not that long until Easter either. But what would really wow smart and crafty kids? Well, a gift set for creative children aged from 6 years, of course! So the KREUL Textile Marker Junior Set Color Your Case comes right on cue!


This contains everything for kids to get started putting their own ideas on fabric. The pencil case for kids to colour themselves comes with its own textile markers! At last, a sensible gift idea that doesn’t need any long explanations. The kids themselves are quick to get it! But for mums, dads, grandmas, granddads or godparents, we’re happy to list what's included in this textile marker complete set. And, of course, there's a quick guide to make sure the kids' art stays on the pencil case even after it's washed.


What to gift creative kids?

Well, of course, something the kids can get started on straight after unwrapping their present. They can do just that with the KREUL Textile Marker Junior Set Color Your Case. The set packaging is a cotton pencil case for the kids to design themselves. It contains KREUL Textile Markers that are ready to go – with no shaking or pumping needed.

It’s so easy to design and colour the pencil case. Great fun for kids aged from 6 years upwards to really get going with their creativity. A stylish must-have for school or on the move. After all, kids can also fit their odds and ends and treasured trinkets in their DIY fabric work of art.


Robust textile markers for kids in cool colours

First, get the textile markers out the cotton case, then use it as the design and colouring surface. Wow, what brilliant colours! The KREUL Textile Marker Junior Set Color Your Case contains seven colours: Black, Carmine Red, Violet, Light Blue, Light Green, Neon Yellow and Neon Orange. The neon colours even glow under black light – totally crazy!

All the textile markers are designed to be super robust and come with a hard-wearing fibre tip. Take off the cap and get started designing the pencil case in your own unique style.

Including cotton pencil case to design and colour

The KREUL Textile Markers are water-based textile markers. All colours are light-fast and have been dermatologically tested. The zip-close pencil case is made of 100 % cotton. It has been prewashed so the kids can get designing and colouring straightaway! Measuring 18.5 x 9 cm, the case is ideal for storing pens, pencils and other drawing accessories. So creative kids can always have their favourite drawing tools with them when they’re out and about.

Designing and colouring with the KREUL Textile Marker Junior Set Color Your Case is so easy

Sure, the kids can design and colour their favourite pencil case all on their own. But Mum or Dad should put baking paper in the pencil case before the kids get started. That way, the colours don’t bleed through. Fix the colours by leaving them to dry in air for three days. It’s quicker with Mum and Dad’s help. Leave the case to dry for 6 hours, cover it with baking paper and then fix the colours by ironing over the baking paper at a cotton setting for 5 minutes. Alternatively, you can fix the colours in a domestic oven for 8 minutes at 150 °C. The DIY-design pencil case can then be washed at up to 30°C in a washing machine.