Sprühkunst mit KREUL Farben in Neonpink

Bang effect in the leaving room: The KREUL Colour sprays set the accents

07/10/2019 |

Neon pink sprinkles the spotless canvas frame in an XXL format and get ploughed by the plain blue. The two colours bang, attract all the views and shout for attention. This is abstract art in graffiti style. With only few spray bursts from the can of the KREUL Neon Sprays, artists bring the New York street-art and urban chic home into the living room.

If you don't like bright colours, grab romantic shades with a chalky effect. In Snow White and very delicate Mademoiselle Rosé, the KREUL Chalky Spray turns wooden furniture, glass bottles and even baskets into delicate valuables. Perfect for everybody who yearn for light and airy elegance.

With the KREUL Colour sprays, gracious flowers and branches can be colourfully designed without breaking them. It's faster with a brush on flat surfaces of wooden boxes or flower tops. It's good that the KREUL Colour sprays perfectly match the KREUL Acrylic Paints. That's how harmony appears where everything is just right.

The KREUL Colour spray can be applied in only a few steps. Just shake the spray well, test it on one plaice, and spray the colour crosswise in many thin layers. Old things like picture frames already get wrapped into a new 'dress' from an intensive paint. No problem if something goes wrong: stains from the KREUL Colour spray are up to 20 minutes still washable after spraying. Spray art can be so uncomplicated.


In contrast to the conventional colour sprays, the KREUL Colour sprays have hardly a smell. Finally, they are produced on a water basis. This takes care of the nose and the environment. However, we recommend spraying with open windows and a mask.

Whether for joyfully-fresh or festive decoration: the KREUL Matt Sprays are available in many shades. The range spreads from plain grey through high-contrast black, various blue-green gradients, warm red to gleaming silver and gold. Neon yellow and neon pink of the KREUL Neon sprays offer their own show at a party as they sparkle under black light. In contrast to this, the KREUL Chalky spray in soft chalky shades spreads a calming atmosphere and harmony. So we say: fingers on the spray head, ready - go!


  • KREUL Neon Spray neon pink, Art-Nr. 76372
  • KREUL Matt Spray blue, Art-Nr. 76320
  • KREUL Chalky Spray snow white, Art-Nr. 76351
  • KREUL Chalky Spray mademoiselle rosé, Art-Nr. 76353
  • KREUL Matt Spray green, Art-Nr. 76323
  • KREUL Matt Spray orange, Art-Nr. 76313