Best friends! Creative together with the KREUL Window Color

05/16/2019 |

Cooler than the newest smartphone game. Cooler than the new series in the stream. And always cooler than doing the same thing all the time. When best friends meet, adventure is paramount. And we bet that creative window design together with the KREUL Window Color is absolutely not commonplace.

Sweet hearts, casual comic characters, crazy monsters or simply only mega-bright writings - there are no guidelines. Everything that you like is allowed - and everything that is fun. Little designers know what they want, and they already have their own styles. Desire for colour, game and creativity pushes them ahead as a team. Who has the best idea? Who will find an amusing colour combination?

Designing windows in an original way is not only something for rainy afternoons but also a good idea for children's birthday parties or when the adults endlessly chatter on a family celebration again. Then it is suddenly quiet in the children's room and one can only occasionally hear a giggle or a loud laughter.

KREUL Window Color Clear looks very milky in the bottle, however when dry, the colours work super well and have a light structure. With their smooth and crystal-clear surface, the pictures almost remind of a coloured glass.

Every masterpiece begins with a stroke: first, the motifs are painted with the KREUL Window Color Contouring Paint onto a special film. Once the black lines have dried after about 2 hours, they can be coloured with the KREUL Window Color paints as you like.

However, the KREUL Window Color can also be painted on without contour – for example, coloured hearts, just depending on your feelings and mood.

After about 24 hours, the motifs are completely dry. Then they can be removed from the film and sticked to the window. The KREUL Window Color sticks wonderfully to smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors and tiles.

And if new colour combinations or other motifs become popular, the stickers can be easily removed again. Without any traces.

Best friends for kids room

  • KREUL Window Color Golden yellow, Art.-Nr. 42705
  • KREUL Window Color Ruby red, Art.-Nr. 42711
  • KREUL Window Color Pink, Art.-Nr. 42736
  • KREUL Window Color Turquoise, Art.-Nr. 42742
  • KREUL Window Color Grey, Art.-Nr. 42743
  • KREUL Window Color Gold, Art.-Nr. 42744
  • KREUL Window Color Contouring paint Black, Art.-Nr. 42774
  • KREUL Window Color Clear Rose, Art.-Nr. 40206
  • KREUL Window Color Clear Light green, Art.-Nr. 40213
  • KREUL Window Color Special film 3 sheets DIN A4, Art.-Nr. 42792