Leaf dance on the window with the MUCKI Finger Paint

09/18/2018 |

'Funny. First the leaves were green. Then they were yellow and brown. And then they were gone. But mom, I like leaves so much.' Well, autumn does strange things. But for all big and small leaf lovers, we have a really great idea: the leaf dance on the window.


All we need are dried leaves and the MUCKI Finger Paint. The printing technique is very simple, guarantees shining children's eyes and also looks beautifully autumnal and decorative on the children's room window.

Beforehand, of course, large and small leaves are collected as original templates during a walk. This alone makes giant joy when children can stuff the bags of mom and dad in the forest with the most beautiful critically selected favourite leaves.

After the leaves have dried, it's time to go! And the little natural artists set the tone. Because it's up to the children themselves to decide how it will look in the end - with just one colour, colourful with several colours or with an exciting metallic shimmering using the MUCKI Gleaming Finger Paint.

Wow, everything is so colourful! Doesn't matter - it can be easily washed off again and is also completely safe because the MUCKI Finger Paint is made specially for children.

The paint is simply applied with the hands, with the paint roller or a small sponge brush. Just try it out and be amazed at what happens to the paint.

The kids can press the leaves with the still wet paint to the window gently. The leaves already start to dance. And when the first snowflakes join the outside, the paint can be easily washed off the window again.

Printing leaves – child's play with the MUCKI Finger Paint:

  • MUCKI Finger Paint 6-piece set, Art-Nr. 2316
  • MUCKI Gleaming Finger Paint 4-piece set, Art-Nr. 2318