KREUL Triton Acrylic SOLO GOYA Olivgrün hell

Colour of the month: olive green light

08/26/2021 |

Summer is coming to an end, much too quickly to our mind. It's time to prolong the relaxed feeling of life a little longer. This works perfectly with a colour that radiates warmth and lightness. That's why we're making olive green our colour of the month. The tone is reminiscent of sunny days and cheerful, lively moments. Like a short trip to Toscana. Let's push autumn far away once again and paint with a colour that resonates with dolce vita.


Grass green, fir green, leaf green, apple green: there are countless shades of green in nature. The phenomenal thing is that the human eye can recognize about 200 colour tones, with different brightness levels, this quickly results in millions of differentiation possibilities. Many colour tones come from the green area and make nature a unique work of art. We think it therefore takes a few shades of green to capture landscapes expressively on canvas. Olive green light is perfect for creating olive groves, summer meadows or delicate foliage. The friendly shade lets the sunlight dance in the picture.

Olive green light can be roughly described as yellow-green. To achieve the shade, a warm blue tone was mixed with yellow. Since there is much more yellow than blue in it, the colour appears sunny, light and carefree. Ready mixed, olive green light is found in the SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic. The green shade is semi-opaque and shines most effectively on a white background. The SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic is a real all-rounder in painting. The paint is suitable for painting paper, wood, canvas, cardboard, stone, metal, leather and many plastics.

The versatile acrylic paint in study quality is easy to spread. Together with other colour tones, it creates very different moods. Olive green light works very harmoniously with colours such as yellow or blue. An interesting contrast is created with dark colours such as black or dark red. Olive green light looks simple and soft next to white or on natural materials such as wood. Because of its semi-opaque character, the grain of the background shimmers through slightly.