Freshness. Boldness. And a pinch of glamour.

02/19/2019 |

Already attracted attention? The KREUL logo changes time and again with new colour applications. Yet, the combinations are not random. So, our colour gouache 2019 stands for freshness, boldness and a pinch of glamour.

The 'floral' look with flowers and blossom is very popular this year and reflect the zeitgeist. This, however, does not mean that one has nothing but flowers in mind during creative and artistic designing. On the contrary, the colours stand for growth, strength, beauty and life energy.

  • Pink stands for boldness, smart ideas and feminine power.
  • Golden gives that special something that is sometimes simply necessary in life.
  • Green stands for sustainability, freshness and growth, for life energy and creative power.
  • White neutralises, soothes and comforts.

Various different consistencies come upon each other - and they show how diverse the KREUL paints can be: pastose golden and sparkling pink, creamy white and fluid green. Like our environment and also the surroundings, the colour composition consists of different colour characters that lead to a strong presentation.
Our message: Be bold and design the world with freshness. By doing that, don't forget to leave the usual paths. Because that's what constitutes creative design with the KREUL paints. Freedom for art!