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Colour of the month: Siena nature

10/09/2019 |

When the cool wind passes through the deciduous trees and the sunrays dance on the leaves, autumn shows its most colourful dress. A dab of red, yellow here and there, a lot of orange and ochre: nature is mixing a gold brown nuance on its palette. The result is a reddish, beige-brown background that reminds us of the warm days in Toscana. We are looking forward for a greeting from the sunny South and we make 'Siena nature' our colour of the month.


The colour is not only to be found in autumn leaves, but also in fired clay and sandy soil. The warm colour contains a lot of yellow, some red and even a little blue. Other descriptions of the golden-bright mixture are ochre or terracotta. It mainly characterizes the city image of the Tuscan city of Siena. Finally, the facades of Piazza del Campo shine in earthly red brown.

Whether it is terracotta, ochre or red gold brown - our colour of the month has a lot of gradients. All variations have a powerful, calming and balancing effect. A warm brown tone that radiates naturalness and safety. It is perfect for everyone who wants to set timeless and cosy accents in their home.

Autumn combines the colour shade with red and yellow and paints a picture of a lead just as we love in October. Together with wood, 'Siena nature' appears timeless and friendly.  That's why we like to colour wooden objects in that colour shade and bring a cosy flair into our living rooms. 'Siena nature' is available at KREUL in the Acrylic Paint KREUL el Greco. But the KREUL Wood Glaze terracotta as well as the KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint terracotta also come close to the tone. It is beautiful to feel secure at home in autumn.