KREUL Holzlasur natürlicher Look

Paint for wood: intensive and naturally beautiful

01/23/2020 |

Well, is this already a foretaste of the colourful carnival season or the first announcement of spring? In any case, the wooden boxes and pencil holders in the candy colours sun yellow, pistachio, ultramarine and magenta are an eye-catcher. In no time at all, good spirits will be on your desk. Nonetheless, nothing here looks too gaudy, because the KREUL Wood Glaze is transparent. This gives the wood a colourful coating, with the grain still showing through. The painted wood shines in cheerful colours and the wood character is preserved. Wonderful for those who love a natural look.

The KREUL Wood Glaze is a decoration and craft paint and is suitable for all untreated woods. This time we decided to paint the KREUL wooden pencil holders, honeycombs and square wooden boxes. The small utensiles are especially practical to keep order in the creative workplace or home office. Plain wood is always a highlight. That is why small, painted wooden objects are also a fanstastic souvenir for dear frineds.

In contrast to acrylic paint, the KREUL Wood Glaze is transparent and flowing. With a flat brush, the KREUL Wood Glaze is applied quickly to the wood. Thereby the glaze penetrates quickly into the underground. As in watercolour painting, you can use this effect to achieve beautiful colour gradients on the wood. Colours can also be mixed together very easily. So, we apply ultramarine over magenta and are happy about a nice purple tone.

Tip: if you want a particularly smooth surface, you can wet the wood with water before applying the first coat of paint. This will cause the wood fibres to stand up. After drying, these are smoothed with sandpaper and the wood stain can be applied to the workpiece. The KREUL Wood Glaze is also suitable for larger projects as it is available in 50 ml glass as well as in 275 ml containers. The KREUL Wood Glaze is developed and manufactured in Hallerndorf, Upper Franconia, so, 100% quality 'Made in Germany' reaches the glass.


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