KREUL Acryl Set bunt Sommer DIY Ideen

Six-fold good mood - the KREUL Acrylic Matt Paints Set Color Living

09/23/2019 |

A jump into cool water, warm sun rays in the heart and colourful surprises? We are extending summer with bright colour combinations in turquoise, golden yellow, pink, lemon, carmine and dark blue. The KREUL Acrylic Matt Paints Set Color Living brings that relaxed feeling of the Caribbean home. A couple of brush strokes on the accessories - one can already see accents that brighten up the mood. It's perfect to spend the time till the next beach holiday.


One gets 6 jars with 20ml paint each and a brush. The colour combination consists of bright shades - joyfully colourful but summer-like light and simple. Strong pink and fiery red revive, sparkling lemon and warm golden yellow lighten up dark days whereas fresh turquoise and dark blue spread the maritime flair. A fantastic combination for an abstract picture. But it's also an opportunity to bring an overview and fun into the home office with joyfully bright organizer boxes.

The creamy acrylic paint is applied with a brush. It dries out evenly and quickly - it's practical to create a holiday mood at home with the help of DIY acrylic paints in no time. The handcraft paint is suitable for various undergrounds like wood, carton, polystyrene, stone, completely dry concrete, terracotta, glass, ceramics, clay, metal, plastic, leather or self-holding modelling clay. After drying out, the paints of the KREUL Acrylic Matt Paints Sets Color Living is saliva resistant, water-resistant and weatherproof. So, the acrylic paint with matt effect is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. And so, the future holidays on balconies will get as beautiful as at a dream beach.

     KREUL Acrylic Matt Paints Set Color Living, Art-Nr. 75601