Transfer motifs easily – with the KREUL Transfer Marker

04/24/2019 |

Sometimes good ideas can be implemented more easily than one thinks. For example, post cards, gift tags, gift paper or typographic posters can become cooler if one mixes different styles. However, it is often not possible to simply scan the motive that has been seen somewhere, and print on it - the paper is too thick or the format is not suitable for the printer.

With the KREUL Transfer Marker, this works out quite simply. Printed motifs or letterings conjure up from paper quickly and easily. Open the cap, cover the backside of the motif with the KREUL Transfer Marker, press on and ready. The transferred designs have sharp edges and look as if printed.

That's how it goes - A tutorial on the KREUL Transfer Marker

The KREUL Transfer Marker is well recommended for paper and carton, but it also functions on wood, cork, terracotta, sponge rubber, stone and fabric made of natural fibres. So, the Transfer Marker is the indispensable tool for all DIY lovers.

The KREUL Transfer Marker comes in two line widths

  • KREUL Transfer Marker edge with line width ca. 1-5 mm, Art-Nr. 49931
  • KREUL Transfer Marker XXL with line width ca. 4-12 mm, Art-Nr. 49932

The fluid within the KREUL Transfer Marker is solvent-based and consists of at least 60% sustainable raw materials of natural origin.


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KREUL Transfer Marker XXL