Soft and intensive - the spring can both

03/21/2019 |

Marbled Easter eggs? It doesn't have to look old-fashioned anymore! Because a stylish look appears with the currently trending colours and spring colour combinations that enchants every house with modern freshness, and perfectly introduces the start of the most beautiful season of the year.

The soft colour shades mademoiselle rose, white and volcanic gray come upon loud, exciting neon paints in orange, yellow and pink. Whether flashy or completely decent, only the personal style can decide it. 'Oh, isn't it nice?' or 'Wow, this looks like spring' - such likes and comments are guaranteed from family and friends.

Shake the paint well, drip into a container with water, pull the streaks, dip the egg, pull the egg out and ready. Small tip: paint not just one or two eggs, but twenty. We bet, it won't be boring because every egg will look unique.

Not only are the colour shades opposite, the impression is also rich in contrasts. The chalky paints feel powdery matt and the neon shades - glossy smooth. In the twinkling of an eye, a wonderful deco mix combines with soft pastel shades or edgy black-and-white elements.

Being so wonderfully and pleasantly attracted, it can be guaranteed that the spring would not take long to wait for.

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