Stone-rich with the KREUL Acryl Metallic Marker

09/18/2018 |

Whether you're on holiday in the mountains or on a sunny seaside beach - can we bet that a few stones have landed in your suitcase as holiday memories? And if not, then quickly go outside and collect them - for example during a relaxing autumn hike. Because you can create little works of art from the stones in no time at all.

Flat, round, pointed, oval, square - stones are unique, their shapes always seem perfect and as if future made them especially to be decorated. With straight lines, angular shapes, dots and squiggles, the KREUL Acrylic Metallic Markers create shimmering geometric, contrasting patterns that are almost reminiscent of Nordic design.

The painted lines and patterns continue the respective shapes of the stones. The shiny effect makes the matt grey of the stones look really glamorous. 

And best of all: the pens always fit in your luggage - so you can even decorate them on the spot.

It works wonderfully with this

  • KREUL Acryl Metallic Marker medium Copper, Art.-Nr. 46263
  • KREUL Acryl Matt Marker medium Black, Art.-Nr. 46239