Cool fabric design in your own style

04/17/2018 |

Plain colours are boring. With a little textile paint and the courage to be imperfect, everyone can design their own fabric. As the mood takes you. And above all, with a lot of fun in individuality.

With simple techniques such as spraying, blotting, lines or surfaces, T-shirts, cushions, utensils, gym bags, shoes or laundry bags become truly unique pieces that could easily come from the hip designers in New York or LA. Loud, wild, unusual - there are no requirements. Everything is possible. Only your own taste counts. A mix of neon or sunny yellow and black is currently trendy.

KREUL Javana Fabric Paint + Courage + Creativity

The Javana fabric paint from KREUL is available in 30 different shades including 6 brilliant, fluorescent neon shades. You are guaranteed to find the right, bold colour combination there.

A utensil, an idea and some colour. Let's go!

The colours penetrate deep into the fibres, are water-based and are suitable for light-coloured textiles made of cotton, viscose and mixed fabrics up to max. 20% synthetic fibre content.

Tape off individual areas to achieve clear lines.

Done. Individual. And with a high envy factor.

Long-lasting pleasure: after the fabric has dried for approx. 6 hours, the colour is fixed on the wrong side with the iron - 4 minutes on the cotton setting. After fixing, your new favourite piece is lightfast and washable (inside out up to 60 °C).

Let's have a pillow fight!

Just spray it on ...

... and combine with bright colours. New freshness. New contrasts. New look. By the way, yellow and grey are also extremely trendy at the moment, according to renowned decorating professionals and fabric designers.

This is what we have used

  • KREUL Javana fabric paints for light-coloured fabrics
  • KREUL Javana texi mäx fabric pens
  • various white cotton cushions and a writing utensil