At long last, spring is in the air! With the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker

04/10/2018 |

Hurray, life will soon be full of colour again! Spring is coming – and we are welcoming this beautiful season with the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker. With gaily coloured flowers in bright hues in combination with light green.


The SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker is the perfect writing implement for our sunny spring greetings. The blooms are radiant in bold magenta and cheerful vermillion red. The green of the leaves remains discreetly in the background.





Hello spring!

You'll have fun creating our colourful spring decoration, But you'll have even more fun with it when it’s finished.

First, use a pencil to faintly sketch out the circle, the larger floral motifs and the lettering.

For the subtle blooms and leaves, use the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker to apply the ink colour to a metal palette. Thin the ink with a little water. Then use a brush to apply colour to the areas of the sketched florals. To give the blooms more depth, apply a slightly darker colour shade, start from the middle and work outwards.

For the smaller delicate blooms and leaf tendrils, use the SOLO GOYA Aqua Blender to take colour from the painting palette and paint with the tip to add the fine stems. With small strokes and by adding light pressure to the tip, create the leaves and tiny flowers.

Add the bold colour details and individual intense blooms and leaves directly with the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker. To make sure that the details don’t become blurred or ragged, the colour should be dry. Use a hairdryer to shorten the drying time. 

Use the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker to add the lettering in black. To do this, follow your sketched-out lines of the lettering, varying the pressure on the brush tip. Make upward movements without applying any pressure and downward strokes while applying strong pressure on the tip.

Once the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker colour has dried, erase your pencil lines. Then put your creation in a frame or some other hanging – and simply enjoy your work every day!

SOLO GOYA Paper Water Color is perfect for sending loving spring greetings. Before folding the card, score a fold line. To create 3D-look flowers, paint these first on the same sort of paper, let them dry, cut them out with scissors and stick them to the card you have created. All done. Just pop the card into a stamped envelope and off to the post box! 

All you need to make spring more colourful than ever

  • SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker Cadmium Yellow, Art. No. 18112
  • SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker Vermillion Red Dark, Art. No. 18113
  • SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker Magenta, Art. No. 18104
  • SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker Indigo Blue, Art. No. 18114
  • SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker Olive Green, Art. No. 18115
  • SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker Black, Art. No. 18111
  • SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker Blender, Art. No. 18110
  • SOLO GOYA Paper Water Color, 300 g/m², Art. No. 68012
  • KREUL Universal Brush Pony Hair Synthetics, rund Gr. 4, Art. No. 722904
  • KREUL Metal Palette, oval, Art.No. 4190
  • Pencil H, rubber eraser
  • Saucer, paper towels, water beaker, hanger