Feeling good in the home office

10/15/2018 |

Can anyone still remember the term 'napkin technique'? Sounds old-fashioned - and that's why it's called potching today. And it's still super-casual. Because timelessly beautiful patterns or creamy soft colours can be applied easily and quickly with this technique. For example, to make your own workspace at home a little more friendly.

With the KREUL Art Potch Lacquer & Glue, wooden boxes, file spines, pencil boxes or vases can be creatively glued and refined. The transparent napkin and decorative glue can be used for terracotta, wood, ceramics, stone or cardboard.

Friends of upcycling design preserving jars, bottles and metal cans. Creative course leaders, designers, professional hobbyists, schools and kindergartens glue and paint countless pieces of gems.

It's that easy: peel off the top printed layer of the napkin, lay it on and paint over with the KREUL Art Potch Lacquer & Glue.

Feel-good colour: the soft-matte KREUL Chalky paints conjure up a particularly relaxed working atmosphere on the desk.

That's what we used to do it:

  • KREUL Chalky Paints Cream Cashmere, Art.-Nr. 75312
  • KREUL Chalky Paints Velvet Olive, Art.-Nr. 75318
  • KREUL Chalky Paints Herbal Green, Art.-Nr. 75319
  • KREUL Chalky Paints Noble Nougat, Art.-Nr. 75320
  • KREUL Chalky Paints Volcanic Gray, Art.-Nr. 75322
  • KREUL Art Potch Lacquer & Glue, Art.-Nr. 49251
  • KREUL Universal Brush Basic Synthetics – flat, size 4, Art.-Nr. 721104
  • KREUL Universal Brush Basic Synthetics – flat, size 20, Art.-Nr. 721120
  • KREUL Brush for napkin technique 2-piece set, Art.-Nr. 723018