KREUL Upcycling with paint #3: from a wooden board to a magnetic board

05/10/2017 |

Do you always have to buy everything new in the store? Do you have to share the tastes of the masses with mass-produced goods? Does one's own creativity have to take a back seat to the ideas of the industry? No, of course not. You can always create something new even from old found objects with a little imagination and colour. Upcycling is thus more sustainable, more personal and more unique.


Don't take what everyone else is buying – create your own style!

Simply attractive – magnetic boards from wooden boards

Are you still looking for a place for cool pins or messages? Then remove your board in front of your head - and use the KREUL Magnetic Primer and KREUL Board Paint to create a wall in no time at all that is ready for everything you want to say.

You can design it over and over again - always different. Because the KREUL Chalky marker can be quickly wiped away wet from your magnetic board and leaves no traces.

Writing and painting in the style of hand lettering

Have you had enough of computer-generated standard letters, symbols and motifs? Then write or paint them yourself. It's more individual and fun too.

Hand lettering is a style element with which you can express your personality. In addition, self-painted or written sayings and signs look great in your home. For inspiration, you can find countless ideas in style or home decor blogs, as well as on Instagram or Pinterest. But since it's your style, try it yourself first by trying your messages on a piece of paper in advance.

It's that easy:

  • The wooden board must be free of grease, dust and dry.
  • Shake the magnetic primer vigorously before opening so that the iron powder is well distributed.
  • For optimum magnetic effect, apply at least 3 coats of undiluted magnetic primer crosswise with a brush. If you use a paint roller, apply at least 5 coats.
  • Allow the magnetic primer to dry for about 2 hours between coats. You can shorten the drying time by blow drying.
  • Clean the brush and paint roller with water immediately after use.
  • Once the magnetic primer has dried, apply the transparent board paint evenly and thinly over it with a synthetic brush or paint roller. If it is applied too thickly, it may appear white.
  • Clean the brush with water immediately after use.
  • The chalkboard surface is dry after about 1 hour and after 24 hours you can start with the KREUL Chalky marker.


  • The magnetic primer is classic black. If you want to have a coloured magnetic board, apply your favourite colour from the colour collection of the KREUL Acrylic Matt paints or Chalky paints after drying.

Writing, painting, wiping away with the KREUL Chalky marker

  • Shake the chalky marker for approx. 60 seconds with the cap closed so that the colour ink is well mixed.
  • Before the first use, press the tip of the pen vertically onto a sheet of paper. Press and hold briefly, then put on the cap and shake until the colour is visible in the tip.
  • If the pen starts to lose ink, put the cap back on and shake again.

This is what you need:

  • KREUL Magnetic Primer Art-Nr. 76155
  • KREUL Chalkboard lacquer Art-Nr. 79422
  • KREUL Chalky marker Snow White (medium round tip, Art-Nr. 22711, XXL wedge tip, Art-Nr 22731
  • KREUL Brush Basic fine Nylon flat size 12 Art-Nr. 721112
  • KREUL Paint and stencilling roller Art-Nr. 722805