Bold colour contrasts!

06/12/2018 |

We love colour. And the effect of just pure colour, which is intense and attractive, without appearing fussy or brash. We give colours space to express themselves. This makes painting with them so inspirational. And the right choice of colours can cheer up any living space.

To really play up the luscious look of fresh, fluid paint, we use KREUL el Greco Acrylic. It dries glossy and is super easy to apply with a spatula. In this way, we can create fields of vivid colour with a sculpted texture.

Combining colours any which way

Putting colours next to each other that, at first glance, don’t look as if they belong together can get you surprising effects. Three colours next to each other can be really “loud”. While white on white looks serenely cool.
With the glossy and buttery KREUL el Greco Acrylics for artists, less is often more – intense colour for powerful impact. Also recommended here is our colour blog post on playing with colour and depth.
Be bold! And let’s get painting