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Colour experiments with self-made natural brushes

10/21/2021 |

Autumn is craft time - with materials that little explorers can find outside. Whether oval-shaped leaves, prickly pine needles or fluffy grass: nature is a great treasure chest that wants to be discovered. It's great what you can find on a walk and how different the materials feel. The natural finds are perfect for making something unique at home. We do it like autumn and create colourful things. More precisely, with the MUCKI Craft Paint on the KREUL Paper Kids Art. Our tools are self-made brushes made from leaves, conifers, twigs and flowers. What incredible works of art will be created? Join in and try it out. You'll be amazed at the cool patterns that leaves and co. leave on the paper.

Whether colourful leaves or chestnuts: in autumn, kids are passionate about collecting. They can make such beautiful things with them. All on their own, because naturalists are bursting with ideas. With the MUCKI Craft Paint, they can easily be put into practice. The paint is designed to meet the needs of children aged 4 and over and impresses with its consistent brand quality Made in Germany. The children's paint has a liquid consistency that is easy to apply, spread and mix. Great for experimenting! Are leaves, grasses and small sticks ready? Let's get started! We tie our natural finds into small bouquets with some wool. Then we put different shades of colour on paper plates and the mini bouquets become wonderful brushes.

It's great to see how the different leaves absorb the colour. Curiosity quickly turns into great enthusiasm. Because with twigs and flower bulbs, fun prints can be made, patterns stamped and colours smudged. Look autumn, how colourful we are! Of course, when you're being creative, you can sometimes miss a blob. But parents can relax and let the little artists finish their work. The MUCKI Craft Paint can be washed out of most textiles in the washing machine at 30 °C and above. It goes without saying that it has sensitive properties. Our craft paint for children is dermatologically tested, paraben-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan. It also meets the requirements of the currently valid European Toy Directive.

With so much colour, it's good to be able to rely on flawless paper. We paint our natural brush experiments on the KREUL Paper Kids Art. The children's art paper is natural white, has a smooth surface and is very strong. It is perfect for finger paints, craft paints and children's crayons. Sustainability has a high priority for us. That is why we have made sure with the KREUL Paper Kids Art that resources are conserved during production. The paper is FSC® certified (FSC® Mix) and is produced with energy from hydropower. 

It's fantastic what colourful structures are created when you dip leaves and conifers in paint. After our painting experiment, even the handmade natural brushes are little works of art. The previously green leaves have been given a colourful topping with the MUCKI Craft Paint and now look like colourful bouquets of flowers. The paint dries quickly, and the brush artworks can be displayed in the living room together with the paper artworks.