Let it get colourful! Dive into the world of colours with the MUCKI Finger Paints.

04/23/2019 |

'Every beginning holds its own magic'. Right! Especially when children discover the fascinating world with a brush and finger paints. It is for this wonderful moment that one has the MUCKI Finger Paints and the MUCKI Gleaming Finger Paints.

Whether to paint, daub or mess around - for the very little ones, the first painting attempts with a brush in their hands are more than exciting. How should one hold the brush? What happens when the brush is dipped into the paint? How do the colours change when one suddenly mixes them? How does paint feel on the fingers? These totally sensory experiences help during children's creative development. Letting off steam with colours and then showing mom and dad the first small and big pieces of art create important feelings of success.

Playing with the MUCKI Paints is great fun. Because the diamond-blue, golden treasure or also the flashy squeaking paint can be easily applied to small and big surfaces with a brush. In doing that, messing around is certainly explicitly allowed. Should anything go wrong, no problem: the MUCKI Finger Paint can be easily removed from the table top with lukewarm water and it washes out from T-shirts and trousers well.

  • MUCKI Finger Paint 6-piece set, Art-Nr. 2316
  • MUCKI Gleaming Finger Paint 4-piece set, Art-Nr. 2318
  • MUCKI Finger Paint squeaking yellow, Art-Nr. 23126
  • MUCKI Gleaming Finger Paint diamond-blue, Art-Nr. 23122
  • MUCKI Gleaming Finger Paint golden treasure, Art-Nr. 23125