For naughty little fruits!

01/15/2018 |

It's boring to always be a princess at the carnival. That's what everyone does. Your child is something special - so he or she deserves a very special costume. Together you can easily make a fun costume yourself. Nice and colourful, nice and fruity.


With a little paint and a T-shirt from Dad, the little lady can be transformed into a cheeky little fruit in no time at all. You can bet that all the other children will look on enviously. And you can then feel like real fashion designers from Paris.


And best of all, designing the costume together is really fun!

With the help of mom and dad it's child's play

Put a baking paper in the T-shirt in advance. Then first cut a cleaning sponge in the middle and then from one half a drop shape. The second half is for dabbing hands.

Print the typical strawberry patterns with the MUCKI Finger Paint for fabrics in yellow and the sponge drop.

The child prints the leaves of the strawberry by hand with the MUCKI Finger Paint for fabric in green on the fabrics. To do this, brush your hands generously with the paint...

... and lightly presses them along the neckline.

If the neckline of the T-short is a little too big, make another collar with the same leaves. To make the neckline, take a piece of light-coloured fabric, draw the collar and cut it out. In any case, an adult should help with this. To give the collar an extra kick, cut the handprints like leaves after the paint has dried. 

For small leaf accessories, paint a small piece of green fabric with your finger or a paintbrush. After the paint has dried, you can cut out small leaves with scissors and attach them to the headband with a thread or safety pin.

To keep the collar from falling off, either sew on a piece of ribbon to tie it together or secure it with a brooch or safety pin that can be embellished with small self-designed leaves or a white flower. 

Slightly rip the seam at the bottom hem as well as on both sleeves from the inside, pull the elastic band through with the help of a safety pin and knot it. 

Done. Now the cheeky little fruit just has to slip in - and then celebration can begin. Helau and Alaaf!

This is what you need

  • MUCKI Finger Paint for fabrics Green, Art. Nr. 28105
  • MUCKI Finger Paint for fabrics Yellow, Art. Nr. 28102
  • Sponge, brush
  • Red T-shirt – you can also dye a white T-shirt with the KREUL Javana Batik Textile Paint Red Fire, Art-Nr. 98524
  • light-coloured fabrics
  • paper plate, paper towels, wet wipes, scissors, baking paper, needle and thread
  • elastic band, safety pins
  • hairband