KREUL Farbe Künstler Kreative Lila Violett

Colour of the month: purple

11/10/2021 |

As the days get shorter and the nights longer, we are magically drawn to mystical hues. Like the shade purple - our colour of the month in November. It appears dark and full-bodied. In nature, the colour appears sometimes bluish-cool, sometimes reddish in plums and damsons. Purple is an excitingly diverse shade and a welcome splash of colour against the November blues. The colour name is common in everyday language and comes from the French word 'lilas', meaning lilac. In paint production, however, the colour is usually referred to as violet, which derives from the blue hue of violets. Whether lilac or violet, we are pleased about how intensely radiant a dark shade can be.

Purple is a secondary colour that is mixed from red and blue. This is also the secret of its diversity. Cool initial tones such as magenta and indigo mix to create a strong shade of purple. A lot of warm red and a little blue result in a shade that goes more towards bordeaux. We are thrilled at how many variations can be achieved with just a few starting shades and mix wonderful purple tones with the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Markers indigo blue, magenta and carmine. By the way, according to subtractive colour mixing, the complementary colour of purple is yellow. This is because yellow is directly opposite purple or violet in the colour wheel. This can be put to excellent use in painting. If you add a little yellow next to a purple surface, it will come to the fore in an expressive way.

Purple lends something attractive to works of art and self-made designs. The colour is striking and radiates power. At the same time, however, it stands for profundity and spirituality. It is clear that such a multi-layered shade must be offered in many facets. In the KREUL range, purple specifies itself into nuances such as lilac, mauve, aubergine, violet, bordeaux, pure purple or lavender. If you can't find your favourite shade of purple here, simply mix the colour yourself. After all, purple or violet also stands for creativity.

The dark, bold colour spreads a festive mood at home. Perfect for being creative with purple in the run-up to Christmas. A few splashes of colour on candlesticks or decorative bowls create unique pieces with style. Purple can be chicly combined with subtle colours. Together with grey, purple looks simple and not too colourful. Combined with gold, it creates elegant accents. With a touch of pink, purple looks girlish. It's nice when colour inspires you to create and awakens anticipation. We hope you'll have fun trying it out and designing.