Let’s get tropical! Green is the colour of summer

08/12/2016 |

That's it: holiday feeling at home or at work. If you've got jungle fever, just get started - and design the tropics the way you want. With the KREUL Acrylic Matt paints, your decorations made of wood and cork will become very individual designer pieces. Whether palm leaves in shades of green, shimmering gold as an accent colour or very simple matt green areas - in the twinkling of an eye, you can create small works of art that promise summer fun. The best way to draw angular, extra-wide lines is with the KREUL Acrylic Matt marker. Tarzan will be thrilled, and Jane will be delighted.


The surface should be free of dust and grease. You can sand furniture before painting or clean it with vinegar water.


Apply the KREUL Acrylic Matt paints evenly with a dry brush.


The self-adhesive, firm design stencil is the best way to make the palm leaves. Remove the white protective film and stick it onto the decorative object. Dab the leaves with a painting sponge and a little matt paint. Then carefully remove the stencil and clean the underside of the stencil. The paint should be dry before you put the stencil back on. For the jungle look, apply different shades of green. Add a palm leaf in sparkling gold for a glamorous effect.


Shake the acrylic matt marker from KREUL well with the cap closed so that the colour pigments are evenly distributed on the pen. Then gently press the tip onto the paper several times until the colour becomes visible. If necessary, pump the colour onto the paper again for better colour flow.


Clean the brush and the design stencil with water. To dry and store, simply stick the stencil back onto the protective film. Then you can use it again.

KREUL creative materials used

  • KREUL Acrylic Matt paint Green, Art.-Nr. 75522
  • KREUL Acrylic Matt paint Light green, Art.-Nr. 75510
  • KREUL Acrylic Matt paint Mint green, Art.-Nr. 75543
  • KREUL Acrylic Matt paint Olive green, Art.-Nr. 75512
  • KREUL Wood Stain Sunny yellow, Art.-Nr. 78502
  • KREUL Acrylic Metallic paint Gold, Art.-Nr. 77571
  • KREUL Acrylic Matt Marker XXL Green, Art.-Nr. 46218
  • KREUL Design stencil Jungle leaf 7 x 10 cm, Art.-Nr. B774
  • KREUL Brush Basic fine Nylon flat size 12, Art.-Nr. 721112
  • KREUL Painting sponge, Art.-Nr. 45540
  • KREUL Wooden boxes 'Houses', 3-piece set, Art.-Nr. 45155